• I hope not

    The flooding will. Maybe not the snow. When 7 feet of snow melts and you get lots of rain your going to see some flooding. The residents of Buffulo will probably evacuate their homes while flooding occurs. 13 people all ready died there and unless they get out soon there might be more deaths.

  • Yes, the snow in Buffalo will claim more lives.

    Any time there is a weather disaster, it will claim lives. There are seven billion people who live on the planet now, so anytime almost anything out of the ordinary happens someone is going to die. Although Buffalo is experienced with this kind of disaster and knows how to respond, the snow will still claim lives.

  • I don't believe so!

    I have also recently read about the big snowfall in Buffalo and heard that some people had died! Which is very surprising to me as I never thought people would have past away from it hence why I think it won't (hopefully) claim any more lives. It seems like everything is melting now so hopefully a flood doesn't get out of control!

  • No, I don't think it will claim more lives.

    No, I do not think that the snow in buffalo will claim more lives. It is so sad that it claimed the lives that it did, I think the worst is over of it now and it is just waiting for it to melt. It was such an odd storm and i still cant even believe that it happened.

  • No the snow in Bufalo will not claim more lives

    With the winter season on us, and with fairly accurate weather reports and predictions, the citizens of Buffalo should be well prepared for any future storms. The local and state-wide agencies ad news organizations will keep the residents informed and provide assistance, food and shelter, if need be, so they can prepare for the freezing temperatures and snowfall.

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