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Will the so-called "Digital Divide" cause a disjunctive society through exponential growth (yes) or can its gap be closed (no)?

  • The digital divide is just a reflection of larger societal divisions.

    Given that we exist in a non-socialist society, the natural state of affairs between all citizens is one of differences. Jobs pay differing amounts of money. School districts provide different quality of education. Neighborhoods provide more or less protection to the citizens. So why would the "Digital Divide" be any different? So long as society embraces uneven treatment and support of its citizens, there is no reason to believe that the exponential growing gap in the "Digital Divide" won't reflect the growing divisions in society.

  • No, its gap can be closed.

    I think that the Digital Divide can be closed. With the advancement in technology, it has caused a divide among a lot of classes of people in terms of how people are able to get their info and function in society. But I do not think that it is something that cannot be solved.

  • The Gap Will Close

    I believe the digital divide will cease to exist. That gap is getting smaller and smaller each day we move forward. In America, the Internet is almost essential for every day activities. If you want a job, you better plan on figuring out a way to get Internet access. I think the digital divide is mostly a ruse. The only people I know who go without grew up without computers.

  • There's not a divide.

    No, the so-called Digital Divide should not cause a disjunctive society through exponential growth, because there really is not that much of a divide. To look through a middle school in a public school system, every child has both a cellular phone and a laptop. The poor people do not short themselves these things.

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