• Yes for dyslexic

    This app would be excellent for my 11 year old dyslexic child if only it could be slowed down to 50 words per minute. Who do I bug to get that option. I'm serious. I would even pay extra for it and even more for there to be an option to click on a word that you are stuck on to have it sounded out or defined. Like it could start to fade or change color before it dissapers so the student knows when their time is up for help with that word. This could potentially help a lot of kids.

  • Yes, Spritz app can change the way students learn to read.

    Yes, the Spritz app teaches students how to read in a different way than traditionally taught. Not only are they being taught to read in a different way, it allows for speed reading which helps to increase reading efficiency in this age of information overload. This is critical for students.

  • It gets them to read.

    Yes, the Spritz speed reading app will change the way that students learn to read, because it is a fun way that uses technology, which children like, in order to get them to read. It's like the Harry Potter books. What they are reading is not as important as the fact that they are reading. Spritz gets them to read.

  • Speed reading is different

    I can't imagine that speed reading is going to teach someone the fundamentals of reading, there is a lot more to it than just pulling information as fast as you can. The basics have to be put down before you can actually get to this level of comprehension. Its not a good app for basics.

  • I Have My Doubts

    I have never heard of the Spritz speed reading app and I honestly have my doubts any app will change the way students learn to read. Learning to read is a very long process that starts when children are young. While apps can help students learn some things, I do not think we should come to the point that we depend on them.

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