Will the Spurs overtime victory against the Clippers give them the spark to win the series?

  • Yes, it was a morale boosting win

    Had the Spurs lost to the Clippers, that would have put their chances of winning the series in a balance, putting the Clippers 2-0 up in the series. With five ties still left, this would have meant the clippers would need to win just two more ties to win the series. The win puts the spurs back in contention.

  • The winning edge.

    I think it is clear that any motivational aspect of winning provides a sense of strength, which in turn creates a highly energized form of mental inspiration for going the distance.Just knowing and feeling the positive affects of victory in a complex struggle for which the odds were overcome to reach a goal is victorious enough in its power to succeed.

  • One victory does not make a team

    The Spurs are a fine team. It is their history of asiduous work that makes them outstanding. One victory does not make a team. A successful team is made by a loong history of wise decision and hard work. One victory does not make a team like the Spurs great.

  • It probably just made them tired.

    The Spurs used up all their energy and 100 percent of their luck to win in overtime against the Clippers. So no, they are not going to use that as a springboard to go all the way. In fact, they probably won't even be able to win one more game. They're tired. They're done.

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