• The Holidays will be the driving force to even higher gains for the year.

    With gas prices down this will be the Holiday Shopping Season stores have been waiting for. Extra money in consumer's pockets will mean more spending and more big ticket items. Couple that with Black Friday moving further and further into Thanksgiving Day and consumer spending will be at record pace. Issues in Eastern Europe and Africa that were slowing down the market seem to be in consumer's and investor's rear view mirror.

  • Yes, the stock market will continuit's comeback.

    New markets are constantly popping up and the stock market is constantly changing and evolving. We are experiencing growth in technology and media that are changing the ways we interact and communicate. This growth in the technologies we use is revitalizing the stock market in ways we could've never thought of.

  • No, the stock market will not continue its comeback.

    No, the stock market will not continue its comeback. This is a brief sign of life due to the drop in oil prices putting money back into the populations pockets. When the gas prices return to what they were, the stock market will begin falling again. This is known as the Dead-Cat Bounce.

  • It is the stock market, how will anyone know?

    The stock market is a market place that is unstable. Period. It fluctuates like someone changing there clothes. It changes everyday. So to be bale and try to predict what the market is going to do is close to impossible. But, with everyone we all hope that it will, but to predict is stupid.

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