• Yes, the stock market will crash again in 2015.

    Right now, economic forecasts within the United States are quite rosy, and this is obviously good news. And while I'm not saying that the US stock market will crash again because of economic downturn, I would like to point out that the performance of our stock market is not solely dependent on domestic factors, and that hence a downturn in other parts of the world could precipitate a crash here in the US.

  • The stock market will not crash this year.

    President Obama has unknownly done a better job than his predecessor because of regulation. The new Republican Congress will try to spur even more growth, but we will eventually be done in by deregulation, like we always do. The stock market will crash at some point, but it'll happen a year or two after these changes take effect.

  • No, not yet

    It's important to note that the reccession in 2007-2008 was the tipping point of the economy. I do not believe the stock market will crash in 2015. It will continue to descend despite of what you're hearing about it. The media has a lovely way of sugar coating things and have people blindly except it as fact. Maybe 2016 or 2017. My guess is not until 2018. You cannot deny the inevitable, it will come soon enough. Are you ready?

  • The Donkey and The Elephant In The Room

    For years now we've all heard the debates rage about the economy. Like two preschoolers both policiall parties have pointed the finger at the other claiming they are responsible for the recent recession. Even today information coming out is constantly contradictory. However if you look close enough and work hard enough to find media outlets that try to stay away from political bias the message is clear. Unemployment is down, the US dollar's value has slowly returned, and cost of living and fair wage are major issues on the political stage. There is absolutely nothing to indicated that the stock market would "crash" in 2015.

  • No the stock market is not going to crash in 2015.

    The world's stock markets are not headed for a crash in 2015. The vast majority of the companies in the world have a very health financial balance sheet and investors are valuing companies based upon their financial performance, and not 'blue sky' hype. But the world's banking markets are at risk if oil continues its price slide.

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