• Long-Lasting, but Only Respectively

    In the world of stocks, nothing is truly long-lasting, but Google will last longer than any of its competitors. Many other search engines have tried and failed to replace Google, but the colorful search platform will always be number one. They are always innovating and enticing investors with new ideas, so people will continue to but stock and keep the company at the tp spot.

  • Google will be a great company for a long time

    I think it is a certainty that Google will remain very active and prospering in the future and its stock will reflect that. They have started completely perfectly and are always developing new services for the changing world of technology. We can be sure that the stock will stay always at high prices.

  • Google's stock will be long-term

    Google's stock success will definitely be long lasting because the company is being supported by so many people not only in the United States but around the world. They are constantly and consistently releasing new technologies and products that help to boost their revenue and sales. Google seems to be a trustworthy company and I believe that is why so many people support them.

  • Google remains the front-runner

    Although it's impossible to predict the future of technology and the world of the Internet, Google has managed to remain a front-runner in the online arena in the midst of many competitors. Others have edged into the space, but Google continues to dominate due to sleek, simple designs and user-friendly interfaces. Stock will always ebb and flow, but I think Google will see continued success for a long time to come.

  • It's hard to predict Stocks

    Seriously, stock market is hard to be predicted in the future. There're a lot of cirumstances that will affect the stock market. Google success in the stock market maybe still long last now, but in the future we're not sure what will happen to it. Maybe there'll be a crash in the future. Stock market is hard to be predicted even most of economists say it.

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