Will the Supreme Court rule in favor of gay marriage?

  • It's just likely

    Gay marriage has already been ruled in favor of in all but one of the Circuit courts. In addition tens of thousands of gay marriages have already occurred. It would be a huge mess if the SCOTUS ruled against gay marriage because it would effect thousands of marriages and other court rulings.

    Also public opinion is now strongly in favor of gay marriage. While that doesn't determine how the court will rule it does remove the excuse that "society might not be ready for gay marriage".

  • Change is coming!

    As society evolves, human rights do so, too. No longer are women burned at the stake or African Americans sold into slavery. The LGBTQ community, too, is going to know full equality. When push comes to shove, Kennedy is going to defend the full legal status and equality of every single American citizen! A new day is coming.

  • Legalized Sin Now

    Ancient history has no bearing on the future. What was once illegal is now legal. Voting rights, woman's rights, animal rights, now gay. Lesbian and transgender rights. Don't forget reproductive rights or as they prefer abortion rights. Witch craft and idol worship is legal so lets move on to the next issue, illegal immigrants rights. Do they have rights.

  • Supreme Court kills caste system

    I am the eternal optimist . The relegating of gay couples as less than worthy of the same rite that I can have is coming to an end.
    The Pharos of Egypt,once thought themselves
    As Gods,restricted marriage only to other royals.
    Well all I can say is the caste system will eventually destroy you.

  • It'll pass 7 to 2.

    The Alabama state attorney general put a stay on the state's original decision to allow LGBT couples to marry legally in that state. The Supreme Court of the United States of America had the opportunity to support that stay, but declined to do so The opinion was 7 to 2.

  • Yes it will say yes

    Yes they will say yes, because the U.S is in favor of equality for all people, and not giving some people certain rights based off of there sexual orientation is not morally or ethically correct. All people are equal and have the right to love who they love. It will say yes

  • Yes it will say yes

    Yes they will say yes, because the U.S is in favor of equality for all people, and not giving some people certain rights based off of there sexual orientation is not morally or ethically correct. All people are equal and have the right to love who they love. It will say yes

  • Precedence and consitutionality

    The supreme courts decisions rely on two things, precedent and constitutionality.
    As of now more than half of the states ruled in favor of gay marriage, establishing a precedent throughout the country. Second is the constitutionality of gay marriage. There is no article or amendment Abridging the rights of any citizen gay or not. As stated, all men are created equal and there are certain inalienable rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The denial of the rights to those who are gay, will be denying them equal protection under the constitution of the United States.

  • Are we all treated equal?

    This topic has been floating around for some time now, and the Supreme Court can't hold it off any longer. The U.S. is developed around what the people say, and is supposed to be an equal countrie. How is it equal if we shun the people who only want to be recognized as lovers? The only downfall to this is people's religion. A lot of people say that gay marrige is not allowed because there God said so. But if we can get the majority of people to stand up to this, then the Supreme Court is going to have to look into this issue and do something about it.

  • The Major Reason

    The Supreme Court may soon be pushed, however reluctantly, to address the question of whether there's a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. So far, it has punted on the issue. But last week, gay and lesbian couples filed petitions asking the court to rule on the matter now that federal appeals courts have issued contradictory decisions. They hope the court will hear their case before the current session ends in June. On October 6, the Supreme Court rejected petitions seeking to appeal lower court rulings that struck down bans on same-sex marriage in Wisconsin, Utah, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Virginia. As a result, same-sex marriage is now legal in 33 states as well as the District of Columbia. At the time, the various federal appeals courts saw the issue the same way, knocking down many state bans on gay marriage.

  • The Supreme Court will rule in favor of states rights.

    Although gay marriage is a worthy cause, the Supreme Court must make their decisions based on the U.S. Constitution, where it clearly states that powers not expressly granted to the federal government are retained at the state level, and ultimately with the people. I see nowhere in the constitution that the power to regulate marriage is granted to the United States, therefore the state of California, and the people who live there will be allowed to decide who is, or is not, married.

  • In lieu of the lack of specificity, I will say on a national level, no.

    Keep in mind I am a gay liberal. The two cases are Proposition 8 and Section 3 of DOMA. Even if we "win" the DOMA dispute, it will not grant marriage status but simply establish federal rights for same sex couples, so the DOMA dispute does not even provide the opportunity for "marriage." Proposition 8 may be decided constitutional or may be struck down either by a national scrutiny test or be struck down specifically for the state of California. I truly believe the Obamacare decision was a fluke (which I support, however) and, perhaps this is simply me preparing for the worst as an individual who will be affected by this, but I do not expect gay marriage to be established, even in California.

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