• Yes, It Will Fall Eventually

    If it wasn't for Russian support, the regime would have fallen by now. However, the regime has long since lost the support of its people, and it is only a matter of time, now. No amount of guns, tanks, and violence will quiet a population's aspirations for freedom. Unfortunately, it may take quite a bit of time.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes, the Syrian regime will fall.

    With so much unrest in their country and pressure from abroad, the country and it's government will eventually fall. It is inevitable with so much wrong doing and unrest in the country and that very few of their citizens approve of the government. This is also happening on the heels of the Arab Spring and the people feel empowered.

  • I believe the Syrian regime will fall.

    Syria has gotten a significant amount of negative press, and that limits their ability to get aid and increases aid to the resistance to the Syrian state. Furthermore, the Free Syrian Army is actively engaging the Syrian state and gaining ground. It looks like they will most likely succeed in bringing the regime down.

  • Eventually, they have to.

    A nation cannot go through such turmoil without fundamentally changing in some way or another. The name of the government or regime may not change but, moving forward, they will act differently to a point that they are changed in all but name. Otherwise, it is entirely possible that the people will soon overthrow the government, but either way, the current regime cannot continue in their present and past state.

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