Will the tainted meat scandal in China affect McDonald's sales and profit in the U.S.?

  • Yes, I think it will

    Even though the tainted meat was over in China I feel that some people will not want to go to McDonalds in fear that it happened over here too. I don't think it will be a huge decline but feel that there will be some sort of back last from it.

  • Definitely NO WAY

    McDonalds has so much power in the United States that I am shocked they allowed the tainted meat story to be shown here. If there was a problem they would just increase their spending on marketing until everyone forgot about it. They won the court case against them about "pink slime." They take all the extra meat scraps and stuff and use sodium hydroxide and other additives to turn it into a slime that they can add back into their food. They convinced the court that it wasn't harmful to people and thus was edible. Concern about profit margins can lead to some funny things.

  • Not in a million years.

    When we hear of cars being recalled, do people suddenly stop buying cars because they fear of theirs being recalled? No. Millions of people go to McDonalds every single day and eat. Just because this scandal has broken out in China, doesn't mean people will stop going to McDonalds in America. Two completely different places.

  • No, I don't think it will.

    I think that many people don't even know about this news story and even if they did they trust McDonald's enough to think that it wouldn't happen here. I don't think they will see a decrease in sales and probably not even a huge decrease overseas since a lot of Americans still want to eat it while they're abroad.

  • No, the tainted meat in China will not affect US McDonald's

    The tainted meat scandal in China will not affect profits & sales for McDonald's in the US. Many US consumers are aware that there are different regulations when it comes to handling meat versus those in China. Additionally, US citizens typically don't "freak out" unless it occurred in their own backyard. If this scandal took place in Oklahoma, the converstion may be a litte different.

  • No, the tainted meat scandal in China won't affect McDonald's U.S. sales

    The tainted meat scandal in China won't affect McDonald's U.S. sales because there are different providers for meat in the U.S. chain. McDonald's in the united states will continue to have around the same sales as before the scandal. The only thing that could be affected is the ingredients in the nuggets being changed by those who want vegan options.

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