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  • The "Tea" Party is already dead.

    Many, many, many, (I will repeat once more) many, supporters of the actual Republican party do not want to associate themselves with the wacky ideas of the tea party.

    So many of my friends, who are strong conservatives, feel embarrassed when the tea party guys speak.

    The tea party is a withered idea that had a strong start, but died soon after their cult like ideas were crapped on by real Republicans.

  • No, it is about more than Obama.

    No, the Tea Party will not die when Obama leaves office, because the Tea Party is not just about Obama. The Tea Party is backlash against encroaching socialism. The Tea Party wants to return to a more libertarian way of life. This also includes the government overreaching that the Republicans are responsible for. The Tea Party will be around for a long time.

  • The better question is, will Obama die before the Tea Party does.

    The Criminal in Chief is so hated by so many people its a miracle he's survived this long. And given the unbelievable amount of scandals perpetrated by the most corrupt administration in U.S. History, the Tea Party will likely dominate the 2014 election. I know for a fact that every Dumbocrap who voted for Obama's amnesty plan will end up on the unemployment line soon.

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