• Tesla D will be a hit!

    The Tesla D is sure to be a hit with wealthy consumers. With it's unveiling introducing a dual motor capable of outrunning a Ferrari, it is sure to have a target market of car enthusiasts chomping at the bit to get their hands on one. The all wheel drive feature that has also been added to the "D" model is sure to grab the attention of the northern customers as well.

  • Yes, the Tesla D will be a hit.

    As the newest and most exciting version of the already massively successful Tesla Model S, the D series will almost certainly be a huge success with consumes. While it doesn't have quite the level of self driving capability that some analysts were expecting, the new new D models have tons of exciting safety and convenience features, as well as a new all wheel drive system and a slightly increased range. Everything we know so far points to an exciting and desirable new vehicle from Tesla.

  • No, the car will only appeal to a niche market of wealthy individuals.

    The Tesla D, while being a remarkable product, will likely not see mainstream success. The limited availability of the car, coupled with the high price, will lead to this being a niche product enjoyed only by the wealthy. For most of the general public, this is an automobile they will read about and see on the news, yet never have a chance of purchasing.

  • Tesla Is a Pricey Car

    I doubt that any Tesla model can become a total hit. The brand is a pricey option for middle class families. At the same time Tesla is definitely a technological masterpiece. Innovative design, fast car and all this combined with pear energy are Tesla`s registered mark. However the price will always be a barrier the car to become a real hit.

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