Will the Today Show gain higher ratings now that Noah Oppenheim is in charge?

  • Experienced point person

    Poor leadership created the current problem. The network should have protected Matt after the Curry debacle. He is very talented and continues to be an asset to the show inspite of the negative press. Comcast has failed to manage this division of NBC effectively. Mr. Oppenheim has experience and hopefully will be able to create a better synergy. My suggestions: move forward without Tamron, help Savannah appear less glib (I am warming up to her a lot), and more air time for Hoda and Chanelle (sp?). Leave the rest of the cast alone for now and regroup if the dynamic doesn't improve.

  • Oppenheim will invigorate the Today Show.

    Oppenheim will bring a different set of ideas to the Today Show, and that will bring in new viewers and higher ratings. When he ran the show previously, he held the top spot in morning programming, and since his departure the show has lacked a certain edge that he brought.

  • The market is fractured.

    No, the Today Show will not gain higher ratings now that Noah Oppenheim is in charge, because people are still bitter about the way Ann Curry was pushed out of the network. Everyone liked her, and they pushed her out for no reason. Because of that, I watch Ginger Zee on Good Morning America.

  • I don't think so

    I don't even know who that is. So I really don't know for sure if it will or not. He could have alot to bring to the table and do really well, or it could totally bomb and he could completely bring the show down. Or, it will just be an average show that kind of just sticks around

  • No it is too late...

    Sorry but this boat has sailed. Noah Oppenheim is inheriting a mess with the departure of both Katie and Ann. Matt and Al and many new attractive "extras" can not take the place of the "family feel" the show used to have. People who liked the show actually liked the people associated with it. The changing cast of characters is a major issue. It just feels "unstable" to be blunt.

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