• Power will do well

    The tv show Power has a successful formula, which includes sex, intrigue, power etc. The actors are incredibly sexy and good looking and the sex is ridiculously hot. How could it go wrong? There are always twists and turns in the plot which keeps the audience holding on as if on a rollercoaster. They should have an extremely successful third season.

  • Yes, it is a popular show. P

    Power is a popular show with many fans. As long as the writing, acting, and other production values that the show is known for continue to be at the same or better quality, the show will continue to draw in fans and will have a successful third season and many viewers.

  • "Power" is in for a "powerful" third season

    The TV series "Power," which airs on the Starz channel, recently had its third season premiere. The very fact that Starz decided to renew this series leads me to believe that they have faith in the success of the show - a faith that will extend to fans who are into the series.

  • Power is over.

    The first season of Power was great, but the second season really went downhill. It just was not as exciting or believable, and the characters were not as relatable. That's why I think that the third season will end up being the show's last unless the producers really listen to the fans and turn it around.

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