Will the two-party system of American politics be its undoing?

  • Why do we need at least 3 words for a title?

    Ignore my title, this 3 word thing is bs. Anyways, it's funny cos george washington, before he left the office warned americans about two things 1) do not bipolarize the american politics with two party system cos that sh**'s gonna suck and 2) do not interfere with the european affairs. Well american have failed to adhere to neither of them. But let's focus on 2 party system. America is a bipolarized society already whether politically, economically, socially, etc. When hitler was trying to take over the world, he asked his advisor "how can i make people follow and obey me?" and he said "oh it's easy bro. Just create a virtual enemy and say we should attack 'em. If someone disagrees brand him as unpatriotic or a threat to national security." (sounds a lot like america huh). And so hitler burned the reichstag building by himself and blamed it on the polish communist party. And hence began the WWII. The point is when there is one central group that tries to seize the power, it ain't gonna work. People can rise up, and it'll be that one group against the world. But if there are two parties who seem to hate each other and oppose each other but have still together ruled this country for almost 300 years, no one will call it dictatorship, no one will call it a tyranny. Look at american politics today you're either a democrat vs. Republican, left vs. Right, liberal vs. Conservative, etc. That's some real messed up sh** right here. So what did those two seemingly opposing parties have done? George bush was a bad guy cos he attacked iraq? Well obama sent more troops to afghanistan and killed 219 innocent kids with his drones. Oh guantanamo bay prison is inhumane? Okay we'll move it to the US soil then. Every time one party screws up, the other party inspires others with some good speech skills that you can learn in public speaking class in high school. But then ends up doing nothing different. Just like obama was like we can change. Yes yes we can. Ye he surely did change i mean after all he even reenacted the patriot act when it was expiring. The 2 party system is not a check and balance system at all. It is simply a corrupted system fed by all the bankers and financial giants who disguise themselves as truly democratic and yet both are completely incompetent. Of course i ain't saying every politician in congress is like that. There are many good ones too. But the reality is reality.

  • We are Stuck

    The financial support is too great for the two parties for any new party (or independent) too establish itself. In both 2008 and 2012, Americans were forced to pick the better candidate, not the best candidate. This 2 party system causes too much disagreement, and keeps politicians too far away from the point. It is very easy to get stuck in a tug-o-war, and if something does not change, we will see the fall of American politics.

  • The average american isn't political

    Americans have had only 2 parties for far too long now that its distanced the average american from the political scene. Its hard to have passion for a party that is so generalized. This forces the parties to flip flop constantly on issues which just frustrates the voter. In my experience the more party diversity the more outspoken the voter and the better off the average citizen is. People need to be able to voice their opinion if they dont agree with how things are being run, and when you only have 2 choices it must be extremely frustrating. Im canadian but thats my point of view

  • The only thing that can undermine the United States is itself

    Our American Political system has turned into a perpetual tug of war between two parties with neither party having enough power for long enough periods of time to implement long-term policy and determine if their philosophies actually are better than their opponents. Statistics are stated, eschewed, manipulated in an effort to provide substantive evidence that Americans on average or America as a whole is better off with a Republican doctrine or a Democratic doctrine. Also, our political process is consistently influenced by special interest groups that represent only small portions of the overall population.

    What he have is political gridlock. One group gains a majority, but not enough to implement a comprehensive policy shift. Then, when their promises , inevitably more far-reaching than can be accomplished for reasons of time and political opposition, don't come to fruition the opposing party can then say "See, they are lairs and crooks and incompetent. We should be in charge!" Invariably this argument sways enough of the electorate to change their votes, and the cycle continues on and on and on.....

    Meanwhile real problems that require long-term commitment to a path (plan), not all having a single path to resolution, continue to escalate and manifest. We get started on the DNC path only to be halted by GOP resistance. The GOP gain majority power and turn the ship or alter course to match their plan only to have the ship halted by DNC resistance, ad nausea

  • No, idiot liberals will

    The two party system was fine for a long time until we had the "progressives" enter the picture. These liberals have so polarized this country and want to make this country into something it was never intended to be. Two party system in general is our undoing, its the dumbing down of American's that will be. Have three parties, problem remains that the majority of Americans are effing retarded.

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