• Yes. US economic will begin to grow faster.

    Economic growth basically means increase in market value of the produced goods and services in a given country over a certain period of time.Due to technological innovation and indurstrialisation in U.S it has led to higher productivity leading to lower prices and increase in capital flow in the country hence growth in economy

  • No, I don't believe the U.S. Economy will begin to grow at a faster rate.

    I don't think the economy will grow. I think that this country as a whole will only deteriorate since everyone is too busy taking sides against each other on issues that don't matter, and dragging their feet on the issues that do matter. I believe the economy will continue to crumble simply because no one seems to be doing anything useful.

  • No, the rise in health care will continue to slow the economy.

    With the continuing rise in health care and obesity in the U.S., the economy will continue to fail. It is a vicious cycle that will only continue to worsen. It begins with the patient requiring more doctor visits, specialists, and medication.The cost of insurance goes up to cover all of the extended medical issues associated with obesity. As a result, employers will pass on that increase to the employee; which in turn, decreases the employee's pay check. So back to the patient. Smaller pay checks, and growing costs of co-payments and medication leaves less money to spend and grow the economy.

  • No, the US Ecnomy will not begin to grow at a faster rate.

    The US economy has rebounded some over the past two years, but it has not been quick and it will not be quick. While universal health care seems like a good idea, the way it has been done has hurt many businesses especially local, small businesses. It has also hurt middle class families. The country's economy depends on these businesses.

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