• It can, but it'll take work.

    As it stands now, the US will no become energy independent. It isn't good for the politicians who are backed by the oil companies. But we have the resources as a country, and the collective scientific knowledge that will allow us to pursue true energy independence through nuclear energy, or some unknown energy.

  • Yes, we have the resources to do it.

    Thought it will take time and continued research, along with behavioral changes by the population, I think it is possible for the US to achieve this goal. After all, we are a large nation with vast natural resources. We should be able to make wind and solar and hydroelectric and other renewable energies work for us, along with nuclear energy. We should not have to rely on other countries or be unsustainable.

  • World energy will always be integrated

    It is the nature of the world economy that energy becomes increasingly globalized and interconnected. The ability to purchase oil in one part of the world at a given price affects our decision to purchase oil in another part of the world at a different price. Even if the United States was "energy independent" even just with oil, our prices would go up and down in response to world fluctuations just like it does today.

  • No, that is not going to happen

    Energy INDEPENDENCE based on fossil fuels is impossible. The market for crude oil is a global market. Even if we were able to domestically (I know Romney said North American independence) meet all out crude oil demand, Saudi Arabia and the rest of OPEC would still have significant market power over our domestic prices. And I don’t see much of an electric car market by 2020.

    I am NOT advocating that we stop developing our fossil fuel resources, I’m just giving the facts about how markets work. [Unless the Republicans don't want free markets and outlaw oil exports -- and I'm not advocating that either.]

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