• Yes, the US will fall off the fiscal cliff.

    Yes, I believe that the US will fall off the fiscal cliff. In times when our bipartisan system of government wasn't so contentious and begrudging, it would be possible to come to a common agreement on what could be done about upcoming dangers like fiscal cliffs. In the times we're in right now, though, the GOP and Democrats are at each others' throats, and refuse to come to common ground on any part of the solution. If they stay in fierce opposition as they have, the US could easily fall off the fiscal cliff.

  • Yes, the US will fall off the fiscal cliff.

    Perhaps not to much a cliff this time around and roll down a steep hill. Congress, working with the Presidency, may be able to control the rate of decent to an extent, but the financial problems the US is facing are too deeply ingrained to completely go away or be postponed for much longer. A few decent changes might be able to keep the economy from completely collapsing, but anything other than a miraculous change in economic policy is still going to drive use back into a recession.

  • No, The us won't fall off the fiscal cliff.

    Even if the congress is deeply divided now, the congress will not allow the US to fall off the fiscal cliff, at least for a few years. It is because the government knows how important it is and how it could affect our lives in America. I believed it will just be like last year, when they passed it last minute.

  • Against all odds, no

    Still shaken after openly stating for four years they would ignore their duties and sink the country in an attempt to get the Democrat out of the White House, the GOP has nothing left to stand on. They have failed. Their minority in the senate is even smaller, as is their majority in the house. They have no choice but to act like adults this time, and a good number of them have indicated that they will. A deal will get done.

  • The Republicans are not in a stable place

    The Republicans have gone mad after this election. They are completely unstable and afraid of the future of the party. I do not think they will have much unity to carry us off the fiscal cliff. They care about getting re-elected, so they aren't going to be united when it comes to pursuing want they want ideally as a party versus reality and its consequences.

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