• ZOO

    Yes, the U.S will go over the fiscal cliff since the senators and congressman have been acting like spoiled children and have been playing a chess game of political frenzy instead of getting what's best for the country which is a compromise. The bottom line is that tax rates have to go up for the rich and programs have to be cut to reduce the deficit and lessen the burden on our children and grandchildren.

  • Sure - It 's Been Planned

    Yes, the U.S. will go over the fiscal cliff. When you think of all the posturing and rhetoric thrown at the issue of the fiscal cliff, all of the talk about raising taxes on only the wealthy, and the fact that absolutely nothing has been resolved, you come to realize that this has all been staged. The decision has already been made to allow the country to go over the cliff – this is the only way taxes can be raised across the board, with no one person responsible for it and no one able to stop it. The fall over the cliff may at last be a true bipartisan move.

  • No

    No I do not think the United States will go over the fiscal cliff. I think that both parties will give a little and come to a compromise in the end. At least I am really hoping that is what happens. It is completely ridiculous that there is so much bickering going on in Washington. Both parties need to start working together, for the good of the people.

  • No, I think rational minds will prevail

    If a family is in deep trouble, a rational one will sit around the kitchen table and figure out a solution. I do believe that the people in Washington realize that this situation cannot result in a stand-off without them all looking like fools. The American people can see clearly what is going on, and that they are going to suffer the consequences of the decisions made in Washington. I hope that the recent shake up in the past election will make all of them realize that these arguments about small government are intellectual ones that can be pursued at their leisure, but some action needs to be taken now.

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