• Yes, eventually there will be a compromise.

    Both parties have something major to lose if they do not come to some kind of agreement in the coming weeks. They both know that they will lose faith with the people if they cannot resolve this, and they will work out something. The solution may be ugly, but they will pass some kind of changes that they can hopefully build on in the coming years.

  • Yes

    Yes I think the United States will avoid the fiscal cliff. I am hoping anyway that Congress will make some compromises with the president. Each side must make some compromises and I think they will, but it will not happen until probably the very last moment. It shouldn't have gotten to this point, butt unfortunately has.

  • Yes, the U.S. government will avoid the fiscal cliff.

    Surely the fiscal cliff will be avoided but at the last moment and with the least effect way. Nobody or no party will want to bear the responsibility for this disaster to occur. And they know that it would not happen. But there must also be no one who take a courage to bear criticism and even exclusion from the party he or she belongs to and related interest groups. Therefore, this fiscal cliff will be prevented with the least concession of each party, leading to the least effective way to improve economy.

  • We're already OVER the cliff!!

    Petty bickering about a shutting down the government over comparatively minor and pathetic disagreements is meaningless.

    That's not the CLIFF. We're already over the cliff like a pack of rabid lemmings.

    Obama and the Democrats have effectively bankrupted this country by more than doubling the national debt to $20 TRILLION, done everything possible to crush small businesses and their owners (who employ about 70% of all workers), hobbled foreign policy and military capability, grown the ranks of the non-employed and the welfare state to new heights, and spread racial divisiveness and tension throughout the country.

    We are ALREADY over the cliff folks - thanks Barry, Nancy, and Harry - you've done a bang up job - don't know if you're just short sighted incompetent naifs or intentionally destructive narcissistic nihilists (or both), but it doesn't really matter because the damage you've done is enormous and possible irreparable

  • Democrats don't want to, Republicans don't care.

    It is clear that Republicans are completely willing to go over the cliff if they feel that they aren't getting the spending cuts they want. That is the position that Boehner has taken on the issue and we need not look farther than the 2011 debt ceiling negotiations to prove that the Republicans don't mind playing with fire. As long as we continue to kick the problem down the road and Republicans remain adamantly positioned against compromise without spending cuts, they're willingness to go over the cliff increasingly becomes a possible reality. Meanwhile, Democrats have no intention or incentive to not go over the cliff. It is clear that the American people would see such a Congressional failure as a Republican-driven event (according to the most recent public opinion polls). Thus, if America was to go off the the cliff, the politics of the nation would certainly drift left and the Democrats would have significantly more power in Congress as Republicans would try to regain lost public support.

  • Republicans and Democrats will never agree.

    With Democrats controlling the Senate and Presidency and the Republicans only controlling the House, a compromise will never be reached. Especially with the Democrats past record of not compromising and the Republicans' firm stance to no longer budge, it will result in further gridlock and the USA falling off the fiscal cliff.

  • Probably not

    The GOP has been staggeringly unwilling to accept that this battle is lost. Boehner continues to be one of the most insufferable and useless people Washington has hosted in a long time. The Democrats seem unwilling to budge this time, which is probably going to hurt us in the short term but in the long run leave us better off. It's legitimately depressing it has come to this but the message has to be sent that the GOP can't roadblock its way to whatever it wants, even if we have to pay for it. I hope it's resolved but I don't see it.

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