• Yes i hope they do

    I hope they do. They should do it nation wide. It is wrong and a sin. I believe in a marriage between a man and a woman. God created. A man and a woman for a reason. Gay marriage is committing adultery. We live in a sick country. God is good

  • Why would they?

    Seriously. It is everyone's right to marry who they love, regardless of their sex or gender. It just doesn't matter who you love. Why you love them is what matters. As long as you are being safe and good to each other, you're fine. So why should the Supreme Court revoke that right?
    In any case, reinstating the ban would be a royal pain. And a waste of time.
    So no, I don't think the Supreme Court will reinstate the ban.

  • They don't uphold the constitution.

    No, the U.S. Supreme Court will not reinstate the Texas ban on gay marriage, because they do not enforce the constitution anymore. These are the same people who decided that we all have to buy a financial product just because we exist. They will force gay marriage on all of us, just like they did for abortion.

  • No, it's going against the tide.

    With all of the approval that gay marriage is receiving in the press as well as among many average citizens of the United States, Texas is swimming against the tide and the Supreme Court at this point will not revert to old ways. There is a movement to have it recognized all over the country and this is growing.

  • No, the Supreme Court will not do that

    The Supreme Court will not reinstate Texas's ban on gay marriage because they have already struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, and that shows that they are leaning more towards allowing gay marriage than banning it. I think that they will say that the judge who struck it down had his right to do so and they will not reinstate it.

  • No They Won't

    I do not believe the U.S. Supreme Court will reinstate the Texas ban on gay marriage. In my opinion, this issue has been resolved, banning gay marriage is unconstitutional. The federal government has already shown support for gay marriage and they have knocked the states down as far as denying it. We can't be the free world and then outright deny people equal rights.

  • No, the US Supreme Court will not reinstate the Texas ban on gay marriage.

    I do not believe that the United States Supreme Court will reinstate the Texas ban on gay marriage. I think that there has been too much pressure by different politicians and states to support such a policy again. I think more and more states will support the act of gay marriage.

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