• It is having that effect

    I think the biggest problem with technology these days is how fast new technologies are coming out. As soon as you learn about one, a new one comes out to replace that one. It is making it very hard for people to maintain their employment. If people do get laid off, it is really hard to find another job because what the person learned in their career is now outdated.

  • Probably it will

    It is indeed likely that some people will become unemployed due to new technology that comes out on a daily basis here in the United States of America and the rest of the world as well. I am sure that already people have lost their jobs and become unemployed due to technology already.

  • Yes, technology will lead to higher unemployment.

    Many people believe that one of the reasons that businesses exist is to provide employment, but that is not the case. In a capitalist society, the imperative is always to improve profit margins. Replacing employees with automation will almost always lead to long term profit increases. It is more likely that we will devise a better way to share the fruits of capitalism more equitably with displaced workers than that we will find some way to stem the rising tide of automation.

  • Yes, unemployment will rise due to technology.

    I think that the unemployment number will rise due to the advent of new technology. I think that more and more people will not be able to compete with some technology that replaces them to do everyday jobs. I think that technology is advancing at such an amazing level that almost all jobs will be done by computers.

  • No, new technology decreases unemployment by creating new types of jobs.

    No, new technology will not lead to fewer jobs available to workers, and it should not cause unemployment rates to rise. Technology constantly changes work as we know it, often by changing they ways workers perform labor and are paid for it. Technological changes over the past couple of decades have given freelance workers and independent consultants many new opportunities, so even if there aren't new jobs on corporate payroll ledgers, there are more individual opportunities to earn money in exchange for work or services performed.

  • This is not really true. People don't hold onto old technology. They don't have to. Things are not custom programmed anymore, it's out of box.

    Microstrategy. There is no where to learn this but only if your company sponsors you. To buy a class by yourself is $1400 a course and you need several to learn anything. So I have no way to learn this on my own, so now I am no longer being trained. My job prospects become more narrow and the MS jobs grow, I am shoved out.

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