Will the United States be just as powerful 100 years from now?

  • America is the world

    The United States controls the world no matter what anyone says. We have a recession, the world has a recession. We pull our troops out of countries and they fall into a civil war. We had our own civil war almost 150 years ago, have united more than ever, and now the states collaborate. Our government ensures the world is safe for democracy.

  • Us Dominance from the view of a 17 year old

    Because 'Mercia that's why! We defeated the nazis the metric system and the Soviets. the United States is in a tough place but, just as always we have mounted a comeback. On the surface Countries like China and India appear to be growing but with exploding populations, inflation and instability nothing can be certain. With massive debt and various other problems the USA still remains the greatest place to invest money.

  • U.S. Intellectual Property will Dominate the World

    When the United States first became a country we were an agricultural society and our power derived from that, then we became a manufacturing society and our power derived from that, we are now moving to become an innovation society and we will derive great power from that. In a nutshell we will innovate, we will invent, have those ideas produced cheaply elsewhere and reap the profits from them.

  • The United States will be just as powerful in 100 years as it is now.

    All nations have good and bad attributes. Although the US has its share of problems and difficulties, overall it has more strengths than weaknesses. Considering its size and presence in the world, it can only stay powerful and influential. More countries around the world are turning democratic, so the United States will be in good company.

    Posted by: Ramon Griffith
  • America's 21st Century

    The almost universal belief is that America is in terminal decline. People tend to forget that Britain, in 1776, had lost a major colony, war, and it's economy was collapsing. The feeling was grim. Today, America is extracting itself from two wars and it's economy is on the brink of financial ruin. What we are failing to see is that this is a snapshot of American history. Today, Congress is moving towards getting our budget under control. America's political / economic system is flexible enough to endure these changes. Although power is moving East (China and India), and America is in "relative" not "terminal" decline, the U.S. is poised to be the economic and political leader (first among equals) for the next 100 or so years. We have heard so much about America's coming collapse that it is engrained in our minds. Slowly but surely America's economy is turning around, our population is growing, our people remember where we came from, and this young nation of about 230 years old is prepared to lead. I love to inform those who can't see through the headline news that America built the current world, we are still prepared to lead the world, and though there certainly will be a day when America will decline, it's not today and not in this century. We are just as optimistic, just as vibrant, and just as prepared as we were at the start of the 20th Century. Watch out world - America's not done just yet!

  • Why not?

    100 years is a long time. 100 years ago today the world was still more than a decade away from the first World War. Recession and bankruptcy end. A country as prosperous and large as the US doesn't just disappear. As other countries developed at immense rates the United States does not wither or diminish. China and India will have their day as top dog but population isn't everything and even as American jobs continue to be outsourced economies can change quickly.

  • Yes, it's going to be more powerful.

    I think the United States will be the top world powerful, maybe not right because of the recession, but it will
    Be and always.

  • Probably not, when China, India, and other nations are developing faster than we are. This, on the whole, is not a tragedy however.

    The improving standards of living in the developing world are cause for celebration, not paranoia. A more prosperous world with a larger number of powerful countries will tend to be a more peaceful one, and a world more able to tackle disease and environmental challenges. U.S. commitments to political freedom and cultural and entrepreneurial innovation remain strong, despite our domestic political differences. And these core values and habits will serve us well in the coming decades. But the very size and wealth of the U.S. make it harder for us to remain as globally dominant as we have been, given the faster growth rates of nations starting from a more modest baseline. A world with a more distributed arrangement of power would also probably reduce resentment toward the U.S., and encourage diplomacy rather than war as a means of managing conflict. Adapting to such changes would show our wisdom.

    Posted by: M4I4cFeIine
  • I agree that the United States will be just as powerful 100 years from now due to our size and the technology we have abundantly available to us.

    The United States leads the world in business growth with new forms of technology providing more and more developed companies. These companies go worldwide and influence other nations. The United States also has a lot of land mass. This land mass contributes to the overall wealth and power of the country.

    Posted by: MadChrono
  • The United States will not be just as powerful 100 years from now as it is today.

    The United States will not be able to retain it's global power that it currently has, or regain and retain the power it had previously. During the Bush years, his administration undermined the power of the US by deregulating industry and business and allowing for tax credits to the top 1% of the wealthiest citizens. Power traditionally follows the money, and the United States, frighteningly teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, has left too many openings for other nations to surpass the US in technology and financial soundness.

    Posted by: glyndwr23
  • The Islamization of America.

    If you take into consideration the fertility rate of muslims currently in America today, that is an 8:1 ratio to the fertility rate of say average white American's, which is 2:1, clearly America will cease to exist as we know it today. I say cease to exist not in a literal sense, but from an Ideological sense, and if we take history into consideration, every country that has a 50% or greater Muslim population Islam has taken over in a short period of time. Islam in my humble opinion, is the greatest threat to the national security of America, why you ask, because every single country where Islam is the dominant Ideology, there is total chaos. England is in total chaos right no because they are at a tipping point after 20 years of foolish immigration policies. Once they reached that 50% ratio of Muslims, the radical Islamists moved in and like clock work started pushing for Sharia Law to be implemented. Today you have Sharia Law running in many courts in England, Sharia Law that permits Honor killings, removes all rights from women, allows paedophilia, outlaws alcohol and pork and so much more ...This too will be America in less than 100 years, an this too will be the end of America as we know it.

  • I disagree that the United States will be just as powerful 100 years from now because other powerful countries are on the rise.

    If there are no changes in the way the United States is run (like an extremely capitalist country, for example), the US will not be as powerful in 100 years.

    The recent economic downturn has proven that the United States' overly capitalist mentality can be very destructive to its economy and to the personal welfare of its citizens. Other factors, such as no universal health care, make the citizens of the United States at a disadvantage. A country is made up to citizens and strong citizens make a for a powerful country.

    Another factor is that other countries are quickly accelerating in their influence worldwide. For example, many countries of Asia have become the manufacturers of the world and many technological advances come from these countries. The United States' economy is not increase at a rate remotely comparable to these countries and these countries will soon be more powerful than the United States.

    Posted by: toastedstandard
  • I do not think the US will be as powerful 100 years from now because we are falling behind in education.

    I teach college. I am constantly shocked not by my students lack of motivation to hand in homework on time, but their unwillingness to think for themselves. If I leave the topic open on an assignment in an attempt to invite them to explore an area of interest to them, many ask me to "just pick a topic for me." It is this resistance to having individual opinions that frightens me most. I worry that critical thinking on an individual basis is being suppressed and replaced with a desire to just go along with the herd. I think that young people, the leaders and constituents of the future, lack the backbone or the desire, even, to stand up for what they believe is right. I think that this, along with increasing materialism and obsession with celebrity culture, is going to lead to the US becoming a more passive, isolated country in the future.

    Posted by: Shim2free
  • We are no longer the leader in innovation.

    China has come roaring to life as an economic super power, and of course,
    Russia is always lurking around as a super power. We alienate a lot of
    friends and buy off the rest. Americas super power beginnings were from
    innovation, creation and leadership--solid and decent things. Now with lobbyist having more control than citizens and profit so much more important than people who knows where we will stand as a nation in a century.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • The United States will not be just as powerful 100 years from now.

    The United States will not be just as powerful 100 years from now. Power can only be measured relative to other countries. While I believe that the United States will still be powerful for many years to come, its power, relative to countries like China and other emerging nations, will diminish in years to come. We have not reached the end of an empire, but I believe we have reached the end of US hegemony in the world.

    Posted by: NatBIab
  • A failing system on many accounts

    There are many aspects of our country that are trending in a negative direction. Social issues are the biggest problem. Our country has become lazy and many feel entitled to having things without needing to earn them. Too many people would rather buy a new phone than pay their rent for the month. These issues spill over into education as well. Illiteracy rates are very high and many students are leaving our education system unable to survive in the working or college world. Capitalism is also starting to fail in the united states as the economic gap is growing very large and the poverty levels are 3-6 times larger than many Democratic countries. The government is also too large and their is too much corruption within the system. Too many decisions are in essence made by corporations and special interest groups.

  • the growing population

    From its few centuries of history many different cultures moved to the united states. Along time ago this was fine until today, the growing population would be harder on the economy and the U.S. Would have to make population restriction laws such as china currently. The united states could not sustain it, and the government would have to change it's focus.

  • History tells us that no power remains static and evidence of American decline is already apparent.

    No superpower in history has ever lasted indefinitely. The US will likely never be a poor country, akin to modern places such as countries in Africa, but America's actual global supremacy, military might, economy, and influence will not remain dominant in due time. The future of the United States will resemble a return to an earlier stage in its history, prior to superpower status. The rise of the East is where we will see countries like China and India overtake the West. Conservatives and patriots can try to find reasons to believe the power of the US will last ideally forever, but logically speaking that is impossible, given the very nature of global dynamics. China plays a large role in manufacturing, while the West plays a large role in consumerism. But China has a rising middle class and increasing culture of consumerism. In the next century, I suspect the average Chinese person will be more wealthy than the average American.

    I think it's naive to assume America will always be a superpower. Its decline is already evident. There is a general feeling in other countries that the US is already on its way out. In 100 years, the United States will be akin to countries like Russia and the UK. Once superpowers, but still maintaining a fairly influential position, just not that of superpower status.

  • US empire will collapse.

    This is my vision of US in 100 years from now: It will be only 10% white people, 40% Hispanic, 35 % blacks and 15% from Asia and middle east. Economy will be like in South Africa now - few minorities will be working to support majorities. Only few will be educated (In Asia or Europe) and very rich. Most of the hoses will be made out of some new cheap material /cardboard boxes. Crime, low morality will dominate. Even Chinese will lose interest in staying here. Dollar will no longer exist.

  • US economic/Goverment collapse

    China will catch US and even if they dont the US is screwed economically. They are totally broke and they cannot recover from such a debt. For years their goverment has started wars of imperialism and profit in contrast costing trillions of dollars. The US Goverment/ military has murderd millions of innocent people and even through economic embargo's is has destroyed nations. As we look toward Iran, America is becoming more and more desperate and weak and to dare enter a war they simply cannot afford and cannot comprehend the consequences of entering is truely foolish. I look at all situations from a neutral stance and i truely do not see America being a superpower for another 10 years never mind 100.

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Anonymous says2013-04-08T19:36:16.017
Yes it will. People seem to think that China will become the next superpower and take over as the strongest country on the planet, but China has it's own problems.
1. They are running into economic problems, you can't just keep building houses for people that don't exist and hope it won't come back to bite you.
2. Their number are probably fudged, China has had a history of Fudging their numbers. I consider the GDP reports and other reports we get from them a VERY VERY optimistic estimation.
3. China is Communism, having a communist country automatically weakens your countries economy, it has been shown time and time again.
4. They have an Emigration problem, their most successful and talented people usually leave China the first chance they get, there are a number of reports about this. The U.S. On the other hand is still getting massive amounts of immigration which will help offset some of the population differences.
5. They have a long way to catch up, the U.S. Has spent a lot of money on their armed forces, to catch up China has to spend even more then the U.S. That doesn't sound like a big deal for China, until you realize that the vast majority of their military expenditure doesn't go to innovation but rather putting down revolts in it's own country.

The U.S. Has a large population and is getting waves and waves of immigrants by the year. China is the country that has the most potential of surpassing us in the next 100 years, but they have the same problems they've always had since they became a communist country.

Countries like India, Brazil, and Indonesia might be able to compete with us eventually, but I doubt they will surpass the U.S., especially not within the next 100 years.