Will the United States become a third world country by 2020?

  • They're letting Illegals in by the pound!

    No other country does that! They have tight laws that demand newcomers to have a skill they can use. I have researched most developed country and NOT A SINGLE ONE accepts unskilled workers. NONE! Let alone just accommodate to demanding illegals! It's disgusting what all illegals are doing to this country and it shouldn't be tolerated by the government and the citizens and legal residents of this country! If we must become hostile towards them, Then we should. They need to be massively deported and stop all the ridiculous bureaucracy to deport them!

  • Garbage in the street, Rising crime, More people expecting handouts.

    There use to be a TV commercial that showed an Indian with tears when he saw all the garbage being thrown on the streets. I see it all the time now where foreigners don't obey the laws with garbage, Don't care about people in crosswalks, Etc. I saw Hispanics at a psychologist office getting a slip to say they could not work for mental reasons! So yes this country is going to the toilet!

  • It is on its way

    This country has run itself into the ground. Based on what i see, There is little room for opportunity to"get ahead" even if you work your ass off! Why? Hmmmmm. Reduced labor unions, High taxes, Legal ponzi schemes, Inflation, Inadequate wages, Overexcessive health care costs, Wake up people theres no new creation of wealth, Just for the priviledged or inherited. Greed seems to be at an all time high and enough well. . . . Is never enough. Lets not forget about our veterans who sacrificed it all so we could be free from this sort of thing.

  • It already is

    We outsource every single job we have to other countries. Either we send our jobs overseas or we bring them into this country to overthrow the citizens here already. They are able to live better than we are without even knowing proper English. The reason why they live better than us is because we have more student debt than ever. Meanwhile foreigners get to learn the same things we learn for just pennies on the dollar or for absolutely free! So they turn Americans down for jobs. There is no labor shortage here in America. They just want to outsource for no good reasons claiming that they can't find enough experienced people here. How do people get experience if EVERY COMPANY wants someone with experience in a certain field? Why not just train people here to do jobs anymore? They only claim this garbage so they can outsource. Also, It's not that Americans don't want to do certain types of jobs, It's so much that those jobs don't pay enough. I think that we would probably benefit if perhaps we made prisoners work on the farms all day under supervision. That way, We wouldnt need the illegals on the farms to pick fruit and vegetables. Also, If we just made a clear Visa system with certain job categories that they can only stay in here under.

    We allow too many illegals into this country and we allow them to work off the books, Pay no taxes and have welfare sucking children. When their welfare suckers go into our public school systems, Taxpayers have to foot the bill for them to learn English and that's even more money we have to waste on them. In NYC here, We have illegals living 4 grown men in a one bedroom apartment or 2 families living in a 2 bedroom apartment and nobody does anything about it. The foreign Chinese move into neighborhoods, Tear down one family house and put up "2 family houses" but they section off the houses and put 4 families in it. Their children overcrowd the schools and the department of buildings does nothing to stop it. There are illegal prostitution and human smuggling rings everywhere and nothing is ever done. There are also illegal birthing clinics here just so Chinese can have babies here. These foreigners and illegals are REALLY sucking us dry. So what we are left with here is an overcrowded garbagehole with overcrowded schools. That's why this "no child left behind" garbage was created, Just so they don't leave stupid kids back because they have NO ROOM for them in the schools. Hence, The reason why kids are coming out stupider these days.

    Let's not get started on Flint's drinking water problems or the corrupt politicians that are making the richer richer and the middle class poorer or the FACT that foreign investors are pushing up our housing prices because they are ALLOWED to buy houses here. There is no middle class left in this country.

  • We have no borders!

    As illegal ALIENS continue to flood in and drain our resources, We will continue down the path of destruction. It is only a matter of time. Unfortunately the vast majority do not seem to care. Good bye America! Founding fathers would be vastly disappointed in what we have become. So sad.

  • The land of the free or the land of the free loaders?

    Americans have become lazy, self important pigs. All we care about is “ME”. What can I get from it, what about me, that’s not fair I want that.... Cheat the system claiming welfare instead of getting a job, ANY job out there.... But no... You’d rather sit your butt at home and LET anyone else take the job... You don’t care who else, right? As long as YOU get YOUR checks, right? And your food.... Everyone wants to blame someone else for our problems (Mexicans, refugees, presidents, etc) but it’s our own faults. What have we COLLECTIVELY done to ensure a healthy job market?? Nothing! We’ve just let lazy people sit on their butts and collect money while their kids are this trash then they grow up doing the same exact thing... No education whatsoever..

  • Rural America neglected for decades...

    Traveling and working in rural America as I have for decades, I've noted long term neglect by local, state and national government. Farmers who are the backbone of these communities continue to age and few young people are interested in farming. Additionally, the cost of entering into farming is too high, requiring tremendous investment of money to purchase land and equipment and too many barriers exist to receive assistance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. USDA is more interested in supporting large industrial agriculture than the small producers, who produce 22% of food in the US. Further exacerbating the rural communities are the loss of manufacturing industries that used to provide jobs that oftentimes helped subsidized farm families. Furthermore, the rural citizens are not well equipped to undertake retraining for non-existent jobs required for those that are in need of obtaining public assistance programs such as food stamps and other types of assistance. Lack of investment for decades in education and infrastructure deteriotion

  • Keep the illegals pouring in and that's what you gpt

    United States is a great country. Everyone else is jealous of us and need to keep us at a low standard so we can welcome all illegal scum and Muslim terrorists to not hurt their feelings. Look at our corrupt politicians, as they ban our guns and take all rights away from the tax paying Americans. They praise crime and our tax payers down and keep wanting more from us. Blacks are the most racist divisive people and I wish we never brought them here, next Mexicans and now somolians and all refugees are welcome. They get everything for free and want to rape and kill our women and children. Government says if we don't like it, we can leave. I don't get it! Democrats are the worst people in our country and only care for their vote and keeping us in debt by bringing these monsters here and keeping them in power. What's next, our flag is taken down? I wouldn't be surprised.

  • Decline and Fall

    Like every empiire before it the US has risen to dizzy heights, controlling huge swathes of the world with its armed forces dispersed far and wide, stretching its economy to breaking point. The US dollar is in decline and will soon be in free fall. The economy is fractured and the infrastructure is crumbling. The US Empire is collapsing under its own weight. It is clear that the country will soon become a third world nation - much to the relief of the rest of the world, for the most part, This is historical normality - all empires ultimately fail.

  • Blame the Mexican Illegals. They are making the USA into a 3rd world country and bringing drugs.

    I am seriously planning an escape from the USA, which is heartbreaking. I blame the Mexican, Central American and South American illegals for the downfall of the USA. Mexicans are underachievers. Just look at Mexico for proof of that. Mexico is a 3rd world, corrupt, drug infested, crime ridden country. Now the people that made it that way, are sneaking across our country and hiding in our country. That is not immigration, that is called an invasion. With Daca to be passed in the near future, look for more of these illegal invaders to cross our border, who are nothing but a bunch of freeloaders.

  • The implies that the US will become a third world country.

    Statistically, the US is already a third world country. High violent crime, high poverty, poor infrastructure, no social and economic mobility, a corrupt government. Just because the US has a few rich people and some shiny skyscrapers does not make it advanced. Even the Philippines has Taguig and Makati as well as nipa huts.

  • It would be very hard yo become a Third World Country

    Even though our debt is massive, keep in mind our GDP only annually is still ten times greater than all of our debt combined, interest included. For every dollar we owe, we make 10 dollars. If the politicians would just destupify themselves and go to work cutting our debt with this overwhelming advantage of profit over debt we could pay it off within a year, maybe over the course of a few years, like 5 no more than 10 years in order to not strain the economy or create an unstable balance. So with debt easy to take care of, what else is there to make us a third world country?

  • No, It Will Not Be a Third World Country By 2020

    It will be later than that. Perhaps the 2030s? When that debt grows insufferably large, then it's game over for the US. When we're spending 50% of our GDP paying off the interest of the debt, then there is little hope for the US left. When 100% of our GDP is spent paying the interest of the debt, then there is no hope left.

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