• The 2020 election was a fiasco of fraud

    I personally witnessed the fraud in the election process.
    I took extra steps to try and make my vote count. I've come to the realization that the left has done everything they can to ignore the laws and standards that make america, America. There is no standard for the left. The hypocrisy is ridiculous.

  • The country is already unsustainable

    We have no infrastructure or anything and people here are thinking the world is flat. Massive protests everywhere and standard of living is complete shit. People are escaping America by the dozen. This is a third world country. In a few years America is going to be the new Afghanistan. If you are smart you would leave the country now.

  • Poor infrastructure, Bad water, Proverty, Extremely high crime, High gun violence, Undependable govern, Ent officials, Do I need to say more.

    Just because America has a few rich people who control the stock market, The politicianss, And the federal reserve says very little about their concern for the country which their grandchildren will definitely have to endure. A fallen country cannot rise itself, And a trodden people cannot help you lift it.

  • Crime is increased

    The old local malls well its become a scare for people to go to anymore! The gangs are free to come and go and we are demanding more police to come on the malls and now people who had jobs there are losing their job so yes it hurts

  • In many ways it already is

    Well it maybe a rich country, You can gauge a third world by the standards of living of the middle and lower classes. Here are just some of the many things we have common with the third world.

    Lack of clean water: Many locations in the USA don't have access to clean water. Whether it from fracking or lead. People just think it is Flint, But it's all over the USA. This doesn't even include those that don't even get water/plumbing into their places they live. Or the lack of adequate wastewater treatments, That can poison the good water. UN did a study in Alabama and found third world diseases in higher numbers that match the third world there, Because of lack wastewater treatments. These numbers are way to high for a first world country.

    Lack of safety nets: The USA for years have ranked 16 of 16 in developed countries in terms of health care. The lack of a government run (or assisted) health care. No government help on higher education. The USA is one of only countries that has no paid maternity leave on the books in the world. No laws requiring places of work to give you paid time off. Also recently the government has been trying to kill programs that help the poor.

    Corrupt Government: Third world governments are corrupt. All we have to do is look at Trump (but this per-dates him to at least back to Nixon). The only difference between our corruption and third-world corruption is ours is legal. It's just media won't call it corruption, Nor does a lot of the other developed world.

    Infrastructure: Mass transit is very weak in the USA. Really no high-speed rails. Even the lack of rail system. Many of our roads are full of holes and many bridges aren't safe. The airport system is a joke. The USA has one of the slowest net and access in the developed world. Most of levees and dams are at the end of their life cycle. The government doesn't do anything to help fix these. Many places in the USA also need all pipes for water/plumbing to be 21st century.

    Freedoms: We rank int the lower 40's of freedom of the press. The USA jails more than anyone in the world. Police can legally murder you and most likely will be found innocent. They can legally rob you (Civil Asset Forfeiture)). It's almost illegal to poor. We have gun violence on levels of the third world (NOT calling for total gun ban, But reasonable laws). We are watched 24/7 by the government and little privacy.

    Wealth gap: This one is easy, The gap between the rich and poor, More matches the third world, Than the developed world. That one top of social ladder is harder to climb. Meaning if you're born poor, Odds are greater you will stay poor all your life. No living wage.

    Well the USA is still better than most countries, It's far behind developed world.

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  • Third World Status is Already Here

    Criminal Justice - The International Center for Prison Studies estimates that America imprisons 716 people per 100, 000 citizens (of any age). That’s significantly worse than Russia (484 prisoners per 100, 000 citizens), China (121) and Iran (284). The only country that incarcerates a higher percentage of its population than we do is North Korea.

    Health Care - The U. S. Is the only developed country that does not guarantee health care to its citizens; even after the Affordable Care Act, Millions of poor Americans will remain uninsured because governors, Mainly Republicans, Have refused to expand Medicaid, Which provides health insurance for low-income Americans.

    Inequality - U. S. Tops out OECD countries in terms of income inequality, Largely because America has the stingiest welfare state of any developed country. This inequality has deep and profound effects on American society. For instance, Although the U. S. Justifies its rampant inequality on the premise of upward mobility, Many parts of the United States have abysmal levels of social mobility, Where children born in the poorest quintile have a less than 3 percent chance of reaching the top quintile.

    Infrastructure - The United States infrastructure is slowly crumbling apart and is in desperate need for repair. One study estimates that our infrastructure system needs a $3. 6 trillion investment over the next six years. In New York City, The development of Second Avenue subway line was first delayed by the outbreak of World War II; it’s still not finished. In South Dakota, Alaska and Pennsylvania, Water is still transported via century-old wooden pipes.

  • They're letting Illegals in by the pound!

    No other country does that! They have tight laws that demand newcomers to have a skill they can use. I have researched most developed country and NOT A SINGLE ONE accepts unskilled workers. NONE! Let alone just accommodate to demanding illegals! It's disgusting what all illegals are doing to this country and it shouldn't be tolerated by the government and the citizens and legal residents of this country! If we must become hostile towards them, Then we should. They need to be massively deported and stop all the ridiculous bureaucracy to deport them!

  • Garbage in the street, Rising crime, More people expecting handouts.

    There use to be a TV commercial that showed an Indian with tears when he saw all the garbage being thrown on the streets. I see it all the time now where foreigners don't obey the laws with garbage, Don't care about people in crosswalks, Etc. I saw Hispanics at a psychologist office getting a slip to say they could not work for mental reasons! So yes this country is going to the toilet!

  • It is on its way

    This country has run itself into the ground. Based on what i see, There is little room for opportunity to"get ahead" even if you work your ass off! Why? Hmmmmm. Reduced labor unions, High taxes, Legal ponzi schemes, Inflation, Inadequate wages, Overexcessive health care costs, Wake up people theres no new creation of wealth, Just for the priviledged or inherited. Greed seems to be at an all time high and enough well. . . . Is never enough. Lets not forget about our veterans who sacrificed it all so we could be free from this sort of thing.

  • The implies that the US will become a third world country.

    Statistically, the US is already a third world country. High violent crime, high poverty, poor infrastructure, no social and economic mobility, a corrupt government. Just because the US has a few rich people and some shiny skyscrapers does not make it advanced. Even the Philippines has Taguig and Makati as well as nipa huts.

  • It would be very hard yo become a Third World Country

    Even though our debt is massive, keep in mind our GDP only annually is still ten times greater than all of our debt combined, interest included. For every dollar we owe, we make 10 dollars. If the politicians would just destupify themselves and go to work cutting our debt with this overwhelming advantage of profit over debt we could pay it off within a year, maybe over the course of a few years, like 5 no more than 10 years in order to not strain the economy or create an unstable balance. So with debt easy to take care of, what else is there to make us a third world country?

  • No, It Will Not Be a Third World Country By 2020

    It will be later than that. Perhaps the 2030s? When that debt grows insufferably large, then it's game over for the US. When we're spending 50% of our GDP paying off the interest of the debt, then there is little hope for the US left. When 100% of our GDP is spent paying the interest of the debt, then there is no hope left.

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