• The USA will collapse along the whole world!

    We are still living in the global population explosion.
    Climate change will be a cooling due to a tiny more oxygen depletion then CO2 emission. Asphalt, tar roofs and the black layers of the glaciers will vanish.
    Looks like in 2080 only 1 to 2 billion survivors will have made it!
    The fiscal collapse we will see soon within our lifetime.
    Buy land, silver, gold and other such things!

  • The fall of the stocks

    The fall of the stocks is sending the dollar into further debt. Our currency is 16 trillions of dollars in debt. After the collapse it will send the US into third world status. It will take a very long time for the US dollar to recover. Each citizen will be put to work to help recover the US dollar.

  • Unstainable Set of Superstructures

    Economy: The multinational corporations who have put shackles on the "invisible hand;" these companies realize the pie is in fact finite, and have ushered in a new era of global mercantilism. Free democratic systems, and free people, are anathema to this new order.

    Government: The leaders the people elect are not the people crafting the public policies that citizens must live by. Elected leaders are purchased via campaign donations by the multinationals to draft legislation for their benefit. The two political juntas whip the People into frenzies over trivial or manufactured controversies to keep them arguing, fearful, and distracted, while they themselves cash checks from the same masters.

    Education: Jefferson argued that an educated citizenry was essential to the health of a free democracy. Most 18-25 year old citizens could not tell you who Jefferson was, or spell the word "democracy." Multinationals have gotten their puppets to turn our public schools into factories that pump out graduates who will be useful to industry, but worthless as citizens of an independent nation.

    Culture: A nihilistic, materialistic generation (or three) of self-centered technocrats are assuming the primary duties of citizenship. These people value entitlement over sacrifice, and exist with an over-inflated sense of self-worth, a lack of appreciation for the lives of others, and an unhealthy preoccupation with watching other people perform sex acts. Morally and intellectually bankrupt, they allow the status quo to get worse to facilitate their own comfort.

    I argue that these structures can be fixed - there is hope. Inevitability is not a word I put much stock in. However, no nation can survive under these conditions, and unless something changes, the United States of America will cease to exist as a free and independent nation.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Collapse is Near

    The Fed keeps printing money and the Chinese and other countries holding our debt are getting wise to what is happening and getting rid of the dollar by investing in gold and other commodities. You thank Mr. Hope & Change for all this wonderful things that are happening in this country...I can't wrap my mind around that fact that we are borrowing money and sending it to the Middle East and arming terrorists that want to come here and kill us...

  • It common sense.

    With the alarming rate the US is adding to their debt, if you think that countries are just going to keep investing in the country, and relying on the dollar as the worlds reserve currency, you really have to get your head examined. Would a credit card company keep raising your limit because you want to pay your rent? This is what the US govt is doing with the debt ceiling; a decade ago it was around 4 trillion, today, its 17 trillion. Add that up, its not pretty. Eventually, the faith will stop, hyperinflation will kick in, and it really wont be pretty. I hope the nay-sayers with no common sense are ready, cuz its going to be a bumpy ride.

  • New World Order

    The Headline should explain everything. It was all part of the plan.

    First the elite gets the massive amount of (fiat) paper currency in their hands to purchase physical assets from all over the world. (Thanks to our world reserve currency) And the mighty dollar gets a down-grade to inked toilet paper after the unprecedented hyper-inflation.

    Even IF the government does not "collapse", the US dollar will going to be "Killed". Assassination of the western mighty power becomes just a part of the history. The End is near.

  • Our Goverments Stupid

    We are in a goverment shutdown and our senate took the weekend off. Democrats are trying to get Obama care to become a thing when it will be the ruin of us. If we dont replace our goverment officials then we will just keep plumitting. The goverment has no hope as of today.

  • One World Government

    The control class of the world has always been hungry for power. As ordinary folks are trying to put the food on the table, the elites have all the money they need, and they do not share the same value system as common folks. The slow take over of society and human enslavement has been planned for centuries. When it collapse, it's time for the elites to cash in and gain even more advantage over humanity.

  • It's a matter of time

    It is true, the federal reserve can shrink or expand the world economy and basically help the capitalistic system during recessions and inflationary times. However, as time goes by the people expect more and more from the government. Kids are taught this from K-12 that the government is the answer to all injustices in the world. As a result, the county will eventually fall into socialism, and the more the county suffers, the more the government will be required to assist folks.

    As history has demonstrated over and over, it will fail when there are more takers than doers.

  • All empires collapse eventually

    The problem with the contemporary US is that it is a military giant but an economic pygmy. Confidence in the bubble economy of the US depends on the US military being able to impose its will on the planet (as long ago as the 1930's Marine General Smedley Butler bewailed his effective status as gangster-style enforcer for Wall Street). Yet the US military is in terminal meltdown, being unable to impose its will on a middle income country with a population of 20 million (Iraq) or even a backward peasant theocracy such as Afghanistan. To quote an anonymous State Department official a propos of Bush, yee-haa is not a foreign policy. The reason is that the US, and especially its military, has not passed imperialism 101. Firstly, Furrenars are as human as you are. In particular, they hate you if you destroy their home and murder their family. Secondly, the US military has lacked an internalised sense that the profession of arms is an honourable one ever since the unspeakable Lieutenant Calley in 1968. The current use of contractors has a parallel in the Wehrmacht/ SS split during the Third Reich - the SS/contractors do the really ghastly stuff - but the parallel is weak because actual US military lack the Prussian moral fibre of the Wehrmacht.

  • Red white blue

    The American people are some of the most resealent people on earth We will not fall. We will not disappear into the night. We are survivers And if need be we will bleed together Stand together to over come any fo. Not the Russian s nor the chinesse or any othe flag on earth will bring us to our knees. We where once tagged as playboy cowboys in ww11 See what happend We singled handed saved the world once again We can and will addpted We can teach the young. To do more and have less Old blood ones deep in our veins. U can not keep a American down. We always have and always will rely to the cause So I say bring it I will stand defend teach overcome and so will going on 400 000 million other American s

  • Not if the older generations die off fast enough.

    Does that sound harsh? Maybe. But it’s true. It has become evident as of late that the selfish and discriminatory practices of the older generations are what got us into the mess we are in today. However, the younger generations of people who are coming into power now have new and different visions for America that, in my opinion, will save it. I am (perhaps naively) excited and hopeful for a new, rejuvenated American that is truly equal and truly free.

  • Not a chance

    America has a long and sorted history. But to actually believe that bankers, who are admittedly only interested in money, will benefit in the least bit if there is a worldwide financial collapse is absurd. People want to bring up the fact, a true fact, that the US owes China a couple trillion dollars, but those people don't understand the Chinese economy in the least. The "money" we borrow from china isn't real. The Chinese government is so unbelievably corrupt that they can't keep their own currency in order. China will collapse before the US. The Chinese economy is transitioning from a production economy to a consumer economy but relies on their exports to fuel their growth. If the US collapses, who is going to buy the Chinese goods? Europe? Doubt it.
    Secondly, the state governments in the US HAVE CONTINGENCY PLANS!!!! The US is a "republic" and for those that believe otherwise have been brainwashed by YouTube videos. It is entirely possible that our federal government could fail, but the states wouldn't waste any time in restructuring and forming their own regional alliances.
    Lastly, farmers will keep on farming. Monsanto will keep on Monsanto-ing. Banks will keep on banking. If you work for a living, make your own money, trade your own goods and services, you will be able to keep on doing just that. There are alternate currencies, they are decentralized crypto currencies. They aren't going anywhere.
    The latest round of fear-mongering from the extreme right is just that, fear-mongering. Prime example, the red scare 1947-1957. Nothing happened then, nothing is happening now.

  • Been there, done that.

    We have already split, in 1860, during the Civil War, and the Union refused to allow the United States to split, and here we are today. Been there, done that.
    Economic crises, the Great Depression of 1929. Been there, done that.
    Wars, that we have gotten involved in or got dragged into, we will prevail, as in the Revolutionary War, the war of 1812, the Filipino War, the Civil War, the Imerialist Era, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq War, Afghanistan War... We are constantly adapting to new wars. Been there, done that.

    We will prevail, by telling ourselves that we have done this, and we can do it again. We will give ourselves confidence in times of hardship and crisis. May God bless America.

  • Hard to say.

    China owns over $1 trillion of the U.S. debt and Japan owns over $700 billion. This makes exporting and importing from the U.S. cheaper. The U.S. dollar is on a train of decline but this could help the economy and the government pay back the debt because the debt will decrease in value up to 20%. This would be bad for everyone else in the world seeing that oil transactions are made with U.S. dollars. Prices will rise all across the globe and export prices for other country's will increase.

  • Reality of the USA

    The United States of America will not collapse but unless something is done to curb the way our debt is going and reel in the Federal Government then we will most certainly get weaker and weaker but not collapse. The United States of America has tons of money at its finger tips and is still a world leader is economics, culture, technology, space, etc etc etc. Should the United States of America collapse it will be the world that takes the fall not just us. The United States of America or more importantly it's allies will collapse and in an instant world trade will cease to exist almost entirely and nations like China, South Korea, Russia, and so on will fall like a house of cards with no base to stand upon.

  • A free country

    America is a free country under Obama and Obama's new world order that he plans to launch in the coming years will end the land of the free and the home of the brave. Us americans are right now going crazy because of the governments idea to end america. I say that is not fair to u.s. citizens.

  • Not a single chance!!!

    It is a fact that America is not as strong as it used to be,but it still remains a superpower despite it's economic problems. Besides if the US economy collapse many countries will suffer from it. This means that none will let America collapse another evidence is that the United States have an economic growth.

  • Not a chance

    There is no way that the USA will collapse! America might not be as strong as it used to be,but it still remains a superpower.Besides if the USA will collapse many countries will suffer it which means that none will let the US economy collapse.Another evidence is that the US economy has economic growth

    Posted by: R-n
  • I don't think so.

    I don't think the United States will collapse, the country may not be as strong as 10-20 years ago but it is still a strong country. The economy is getting better and and unemployment is hovering around the same area. I don't see the country collapsing because of this, they still have a powerful military and army and have lots of big businesses that support the country.

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Quan says2013-06-24T18:56:57.590
Essentially it already is, though it can be a very slow process. I firmly believe the US dollar is on its last leg. It's both exciting and scary to see what rise from the proverbial ashes.