• The United States will default on its debt, because there are too many factors pointing to it.

    The national debt is a very large amount of money, and is growing exponentially every day. The way that the United States is currently handling the situation, with the political feuding over how to solve the problem, the fact that our education rates are plummeting, and that our economic situation is still in a slump, it shows me that the only feasible option left for the United States is to default, and hope for the best.

    Posted by: PuzzledCharles70
  • The U.S. will default on its debt, because Obama is unwilling to undo Obamacare.

    It is Obama's health care plan that has taken the greatest toll on the nation's budget. It is not only costing the nation a lot, but also the different companies that hire people. Without having more people working, the nation can not collect on income taxes and, therefore, cannot pay for this health care plan.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • No the United States would never default.

    The thought of having the U.S. default is absurd. No matter how much debt the U.S. takes in defaulting is not an option because if they do the value of the dollar will drop. If the dollar drops not only the U.S. will be introuble but every holder of the dollar will be with it's deflated value as well as China taking in our problem. With the dollar's current power it is the commen currency exchanged and can be used any where. If the United States defaults it would lead to the largest economic problem in history because of the distrust in the dollar.

  • The US will not default on its debt because it will print money to cover it.

    Rather than be unable to pay its bills, the US will continue to print money to pay back the countries and individuals to whom the US is indebted. However, this also will result in an overall watering down of the US currency because more dollars will be floating around.

    Posted by: SoWinif

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