• Most likely.

    After a lengthy lockout process, and shortened training camps, of course the upcoming season will be sloppy. Players haven't been training as they normally would, team synergy won't be as good, rookies will have much less time to adapt to the increase in speed and tempo. There isn't really any way that the season wouldn't be sloppy.

  • Yes, and I state this as a hockey fan

    I am not totally excited for the new season, you know its not going to be the best and sharpest hockey that you have seen and instead of it being a marathon it will be a sprint and a bad sprint at best. I am hoping that next year will bring better hockey.

  • The NHL's Season Will Be A Mess

    Of course the upcoming NHL season will be sloppy. Players are rusty because they have not played in a long time and the product on the ice will suffer due to the lockout. The lack of games is going to make teams that get hot more likely to win the Stanley Cup than teams that are better. It's going to be ugly.

  • Yes. Short notice is bad for everyone.

    While I am glad to see hockey come back, it feels rushed to cram in a partial season and pretend it is a whole season. The players are not really prepped for play, and the early games will probably be especially bad as people try to return to more functional form. It may be a good year for a lesser team to sneak through.

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