Will the updated Sony Walkman act as a serious competitor to other music playback devices?

  • Sure for a while

    I think it will, it's new but yet old. A lot of nostalgia will probably convince people to buy this thing. It may not be a long run competitor but I think that it will definitely sell well for at least a few months. Which is really all they need.

  • The Walkman used to be great

    Remember the old Walkman with the headphones and cassettes? Ah, the good days when you actually had to press buttons to find your favorite song, or waiting to fast-forward and rewind part of a one. We have it too easy these days.

    No, I personally don't think the re-envisioned Walkman will make any serious waves.

    Posted by: S.K
  • No, the new Sony Walkman will not be a serious competitor.

    I do not believe that the updated Sony Walkman will be a serious competitor to other music playback devices because its high cost is highly prohibitive. Additionally, in a world where people can store music, photos, games, and other multimedia on their phones, a standalone music player is not competitive unless it can also do all of the above.

  • Sony Walkman Competitor

    The updated Sony Walkman will not act as a serious competitor to other music playback devices because there is too much competition. When people shop for the newest playback devices, they not only look for quality, but in today's economy, they also look very closely at the prices and guarantees.

  • The Sony Walkman will be profitable, perhaps with a future generation.

    The iconic, nostalgic brand name will definitely ensure many consumer purchases. It will likely be the reason for the majority of its initial sales. The device is targeted to those seeking lossless audio and high-resolution audio playback. There is evidence that there is a market for such a device. However, at a $400 price point, there alternatives with loyal followings and more attractive physical designs.

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