Will the use of facial recognition software eliminate the use of fingerprints?

  • Yes, facial recognition will eliminate the use of fingerprints

    Facial recognition will replace fingerprints as they are harder to forge then fingerprints which can be lifted from glass surfaces and set in a rubber polymer. Once the software used for facial recognition is as great as the software used for reading fingerprints it will become mainstream in banks and shops to take payments

  • You shouldn't always feel like your being monitored.

    You should be able to walk down your street knowing your face isn't being secretly scanned. It would change everything. People would stop going out. They might even stop going to the doctors, afraid they'll be scanned the minute they walk out. You shouldn't have to live that way. You should feel free.

  • No, it wont!

    I think that it will not eliminate fingerprints but will be used more. I feel that the technology cost will be too much for a lot of places to go to all facial recognition so it will not happen. I think that fingerprints will always be used just probably not as much as now.

  • They are different things.

    No, the use of facial recognition software will not eliminate the use of fingerprints, because there are still situations where fingerprints are useful. For example, if there is a crime scene, and the person is not there to be recognized, prints can still be taken from the scene. Sometimes, fingerprints are just more practical.

  • Facial recognition software is not full-proof

    Facial recognition software is not full-proof yet, and fingerprints are full-proof. A person can get plastic surgery to change their looks. It is much more rare for a person to get their fingerprints shaved off. In addition, since the use of fingerprint scanning is so embedded in our society, it is cost-effective to keep the process going.

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