• Yes, investing in the USS Zumwalt would potentially save lives.

    I believe the USS Zumwalt would be a good investment for the US Navy. In my opinion, the ability to destroy missiles would help protect us from hostile countries. It would help our nation feel safer and less threatened by potential danger. Being able to stop a missile before it reaches its target would save countless lives.

  • Yes, we need the best

    The USS Zumwalt will be a very good investment for the US Navy. It's definitely expensive, but we need a very strong military in the world we live in today. There are threats all the time and we need to make sure we maintain the strongest military in the world.

  • Good Investment for the US Navy

    This investment is going to be very good for the US Navy, since this navy ship would be a very useful part of a fleet. It is a high quality guided missile destroyer and has all needed and essential characteristics of a ship that is going to be a crutial part of US Navy.

  • Could be better.

    Just to be clear: I think the Zumwalt class destroyer is awesome. But, to play devil's advocate here, it could be seen as a bad investment because it lakes some key features. A stealth ship is a good idea, and is worth the money, but from side angles it's still pretty visible by most radars. It's an excellent missile launching platform, but one could argue that it needs a higher focus on canon and self defense. Also a better electronic warfare suite would always help.

  • $3 billion dollar Zumwalt has too many technical problems!

    Although the Zumwalt boasts the need for less crew and "infinite" ammo, the new U.S. Navy destroyer may have too many kinks to be worth the $3 billion pricetag. The ship is 1.5 times the cost of the previous destroyer design, but its unusual shape and weight distribution has caused its seaworthiness come into question.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-12-11T04:34:51.013
I don't know. Its seaworthiness is in question and it was incredibly expensive, but on the other hand it's the only vessel in the U.S. Navy which is capable of utilizing the latest advancements in naval warfare (railguns).