• The Vikings can improve pass protection.

    The Vikings can improve their pass protection through changing personnel, but also by limiting the need for it. If they can develop other sides of their game requiring less rushing, then they will take the pressure of the offensive line which will statistically help the pass protection, though it may not improve the actual ability of the line.

  • Yes they will

    The problem of how to protect Teddy Bridgewater has always been a multi-variable equation, no matter how tempting it might seem to reduce it to Minnesota Vikings' woes on the offensive line or the quarterback's occasionally overcautious tendencies. Bridgewater was pressured on a league-high 36 percent of his dropbacks in 2015, according to ESPN Stats and Information, but some degree of responsibility probably lies with the line, the quarterback and a group of receivers that sometimes struggled to get open.

  • Yes, the Vikings will be able to improve their pass protection.

    Yes, the Vikings will be able to improve their pass protection, but they might need to pick up new players to do so. They have a good quarterback, but he needs a lot of time to find the right receiver. Therefore, pass protection should be their number one concern now.

  • They are done.

    The Vikings might be able to improve a little, but they just do not have the talent this year to do what needs to be done. I admire their loyal fans, but it has been a while since the Vikings have been relevant in the NFL. Improving their pass protection would be a good start, but they have more to work on, too.

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