• Sooner or later

    Sooner or later, war will be nonexistent in between countries. War between two countries is generally because they want power or resources and eventually there will be a country to take over the world and the world will be a single country and there will be no war with another country but there could and probably would end up being a civil war or independence war.

  • Between countries yes.

    Between humans, factions, ideologies, etc, No. There will always be those who seek to destroy peace because the peace is not THEIR peace. Example we could have a secular star trek world government but Muslim extremist would attempt to topple it. To replace it with a Muslim lead caliphate. Which would bring peace, but not the right peace to everyone else.

  • Some countries are ripe for picking, and that causes problems

    When you have a militarily inferior nation sitting right on your borders full of the resources YOU need (and can make you roll in money)... Would you resist the opportunity?

    History and human nature always answer with a yes. Every country is unequal and every country has something that others want. The growing global population, global warming, and dwindling resources will make countries (i.E. Canada) full of those resources and militarily inferior juicy targets. Such things have been the motives for empires across history, and I fear will only worsen in the future when there is even LESS to go around.

  • Not as long as Lutherans are around

    Cause they believe in imperialism. OK I'm joking. But no war is in human nature. Hatred will always exist. It's only under Jesus that peace will be perfect. Until then the natural state of sin will exist in this world, thus leading to warfare. It's just a sad part of this world.

  • We have always been at war.

    There has never been a time when there were not some people of the world that were at war. The United States has been at some war or another throughout its entire history. There will always be a person or a group that is dissatisfied. That is the nature of human nature.

  • There Will Always Be War

    There will always be war or disagreements between different countries. Each individual human is generally self seeking and the way we set up our governments gives some people more power. When you have people like George W. Bush reach one of these positions, they then turn their violence on other countries to manipulate them and use their resources in some way. This has been happening for longer than we realize. It is not possible to eliminate all disagreements.

  • No, There will always be a sort of war between countries.

    Each country has their own products, goods and services that can be offered when they have equity to work with. When others take what they have and/or the value of their investment to get the equity drops there is a question of whether to assist that country by invading with military means to them or let them starve or help them rebuild their assist and attain independence from those who are invading them trying to gain their remaining equity or assets. The most peaceful way to stop a war before it starts is to assist with their independence from a larger country. Stocks and annuities have been assisting this for some time but since the insider trading issues have arrived there has been little hope to an end in the bureaucracy that keeps countries fighting.

  • No, War will Not End.

    No, war will never end between countries. I believe it is human nature to defend what is yours and to defend your opinions by any means necessary. This is a general rule of thumb which explains why humans fight amongst each other. While there are expectations to the case, as many humans do not believe in war, it is a general and true rule that humans will always fight one another to protect their beliefs and belongings.

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sol96 says2014-04-15T00:05:26.937
Unless we have a common enemy, we shall find enemies among ourselves. Maybe a future generation will bring peace, it's not impossible.