Will the warnings of the novel "1984" come to fruition in the year 2014?

  • 1984 is already with us

    Look around at our society and then read George Orwell's novel again. You will see many things that have already come to fruition. Big Brother is always watching you. From the CCTV cameras on street corners to access to our mobile phone records, you can be tracked wherever you are.

  • There's reason to worry, but there's always reason to worry

    People are always taking news stories and applying "1984" to them to make a point. This has exclusively been hyperbole. "1984" was the book of choice for critics of the Bush administration and it's also a book Obama critics turn to. There are similarities, but the dissimilarities are much more pronounced. If you listed the ways in which the world is like "1984" and the ways in which it is not, you'd see the latter list would be much longer.

  • It's Already Here: The Semantics of 2014

    I would disagree because it is already here, there are a lot of words that have been replaced for more ambiguous terms, in the same way Newspeak was used in the book. For example we have the word rendition, which was used all over the world to describe people being taken away to countries with more relaxed human rights laws.

  • No, the warnings of the novel "1984" will not come to fruition in 2014

    No, the warnings of 1984 will not come to fruition at any point in the foreseeable future, and certainly not in 2014. The concepts of thought control and thought police are not viable in 2014 and may never be viable. Although some governments are very oppressive, they cannot read minds and cannot stop people from thinking whatever they want to think.

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