• Yes, the wealthy will continue to get wealthier.

    Yes, the wealthy will continue to get wealthier. It seems to be the way it works, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. The wealthy can afford to take chances with investments which in turn results in making more money than the people who cannot afford to take chances with their money.

  • Most of the time

    Yeah, if they continue doing what they did to get wealthy, they will stay that way or continue getting even wealthier. The poor will continue getting poor if they continue to do what got them there in the first place. If not, then the opposite will happen. But people are creatures of habit, so generally, yes.

  • The wealthy are in a prime position to grow their fortunes

    Yes, I agree that the wealthy will continue to get richer. They have the ability to make investments that poorer people can't and invest in the ever growing property market. As the currently wealthy absorb assets, there are fewer left for anyone else. As a result, their money will increase and unless they make a particulary bad investment decision, they will continue to become wealthier.

  • Yes -Wealth attracts wealth

    I feel that the age old phrase "wealth attracts wealth" is true. People with money take more high risks, but these also give higher rewards. Also, with interest rates the way they currently are, just putting money into a savings account, you get a higher interest rate, the more money you put in. thus putting people with less money at a disadvantage already.

  • The wealthy do get welthier.

    Some things in life are pretty much guaranteed, to the point that you can count on them. Taxes are always going to be required, bills are always going to be due, and the rich will always get richer. It's a part of life that the rest of us must accept. Such is life, money breads money. No use crying over the inevitable.

  • Depends what you mean

    If you ask me, the Hollywood elites make the same money than the commoner makes (as part of capitalism), it's just that many of them are protected by favoritism and many have what the commoner doesn't, beautiful lakes of gold (figuratively speaking). A lot of celebrities are descendants of absolute royalty.

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