Will the Wes Welker suspension tank the Broncos' season before it starts?

  • Wes Welker`s Suspension Will Fail Broncos' Season

    Wes Welker`s suspension will ruin the Broncos' Season. Welker is a leader and a player with key role in the team. Additionally, the first four opponents are all strong teams with good results and victories from the last season. The team and the coach have short time to accommodate their game strategy minding Welker`s ban and other players with traumas and penalties.

  • The lost cource

    Many may argue that it's a team game and one player does not make huge difference but we are talking about Wes Welker, who has been sensational last year for Broncos especially at home. Three of the four banned games is at home and they will certainly miss a player of his caliber.

  • Wes Welker is not the whole Bronco team.

    Any sport's team that relies on one player to make or break them is bound to lose. The Denver Broncos have a better coaching staff than that. They understand that they cannot just put their whole team on the back of one player. They may not make the Superbowl, but they will give it their best shot.

  • No, it will not tank it

    Even though Wes Welker is a great player. I feel that Peyton Manning is good enough to make anyone successful. I think they will definitely lose some depth and some things that Wes can do. I think the Broncos will be just fine for the four games till he gets back.

  • No way he does not affect their playing performance

    He won't affect that in any way. The broncos are used to him going out cause he's always getting hurt.So why would he affect them with a suspension. And it's not like he is their mvp, the only player who would really destroy their season is a Peyton Manning injury.

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