• World of setbacks!

    There is a big variation in everyone's mind regarding this topic. When the question arises that will the world come to an end? All of us seem to be thinking that what a rubbish is that and if for once we believe this, our next question arises that how.....But if we go to the root of this situation....We will find we ourselves somewhere or the other the cause of this happening.
    These days each and every day begins with a horrifying news stating murder, robbery, ill-treatment, rape, child labour, corruption, and cheats spread all around. How would a person survive within these conditions? Won't he be depressed? And this all would lead to the downfall of his work and responsibility. Finally it affects the state then the country, the other countries and slowly by the contribution of millions and billions of people it would affect the whole world..!
    Other aspect of this happening is the failure of the government of some countries. If the you will come to know that the person or the community to which you have given all the rights regarding your future, your nations future is not worthy of it and what will the condition of your nation in future is not certain what affect will it lay on you? You yourself will be helpless and on the other hand your nation with contribution to the other nation in the same condition would definitely lead to the fall of the world.
    Also the evil works of human beings would not keep their hands the natural wealth. They have started destroying it to their maximum. They have destroyed the plant kingdom and animal kingdom which had lead to the increase in global warming and decrease to the distance between mankind and disaster.
    Disaster predictions of 2012 didn't only focus the natural calamities but also the inner calamities to the world which are hollowing it to their extent and leading to the disaster.
    Join your hand together to stop this destruction to happen.
    Thank you

  • 2012 is not the end of the world

    2012 is a year just like any other. There is absolutely no evidence that would indicate the world is going to end in any way. People who claim the world will end are misinformed or have heard false information. NASA has not predicted anything unusual for December twenty first. People just like to scare each other.

  • No, the world will not end, only calendars will

    Although numbers and patterns are very magical things and really neat, people read way too much into them. Like the clock on the wall, there's only so much room for numbers to count the time passing. This is why it's design is a circle; to repeat itself starting at the lowest value it holds. I've heard many theories about calendars that will end come December of 2012. Well, yes I imagine that there are and yes, the will end, and then they will start over anew. This doesn't mean the world will end, just the calendar.

  • No

    Over time, there have been many predictions of the world ending, going back to the Mayans, who are responsible for the year of 2012's prediction. All of these other predictions of the apocalyptic ending to the world have not happened, this one can't possibly be any different. The Mayan calendar is outdated and has no bearing today.

  • I say nay

    There have been hundreds of doomsday prophesies in the past and they all have failed, why is this one any different?

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