Will the World Economic Forum help find a solution to low oil prices so that it prevents deflation?

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  • Oil Prices Stalling: What can be done?

    No world economic forum may not be solving this because what it seems it is greater than that there are many events happening all around the world European economy is improving while the Chinese is depressing the entire balance of the world is at a huge turmoil at the same time OPEC denied from reducing production due to which Chinese economy manages to save $100 Billlion so many events taking place and thus require many different ways to deal with it Get more on

  • No, World Economic Forum will not solve oil prices

    The World Economic Forum will not find a solution to low oil prices, but will find ways to capitalize on lower oil prices. Low oil prices are a good thing for most people and organizations, it is bad if you produce oil. With OPEC itself unwilling to do anything about the price, it is not clear why the World Economic Forum would.

  • You might as well ask for a unicorn while you're at it.

    Anyone who thinks that the World Economic Forum will somehow find a way to change the basic tenets of our economic system, which is what this question is asking us, is smoking some funny stuff. Our economic engine revolves around oil, so unless oil is taken out of the equation for a realstic fuel alternative that could be used starting tomorrow, it's not going to happen.

  • The forum will not find a solution

    The forum will not find a solution. This is because they will not have the power to enact changes themselves or regulate the exact moments that require change. We would need some government and oil industry leaders to work in conjunction to prevent loss at the exact moment it might happen.

  • OPEC won't rest until....

    The oil price war is about OPEC trying to put North American oil shale producers out to the game. No third party conference is going to change the fact that the Saudis don't want Americans and Canadians tearing apart their well-crafted cartel. It is estimated OPEC has squirreled away over a trillion dollars. OPEC will be wiling to do anything to suppress competitors to maintain that kind of superiority.

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