Will the world economy be in better shape in 2013 than in 2012?

  • Yes. There is a high probability that the economy will be better.

    Congress has shown its ability to compromise, at least to a small extent this year by delaying the sequester. Even if Congress constantly delays the sequester, most think tanks believe that as long as a sequester/government shutdown does not occur, the economy will improve as the world is and has been on the path to recovery.

  • Of course the economy will be better in 2013

    The U.S. economy has been showing signs of improvement for months now. The jobless rate is slowly improving, and the housing market is beginning to return to a more normal rate of growth. The election is over, so there is a certain level of security that Pres. Obama will try and wreck our country, but we will improve and flourish as we always have despite whatever the President and his band of decide to do to prevent American success.

  • The Economy Will Be Better in 2013

    I strongly believe that the economy of America will be better in 2013. All signs indicate that it will be. The economy continuously got better as we got deeper into 2012 and I expect that trend to continue Like Obama said, it won't be recovered over night but we will see progress in small amounts.

  • Yes, but only a little bit better.

    During 2013, I think that some parts of the world are really going to flourish, while other parts level off. I don't think there will be any nosediving in particular sectors, but there will be decline. China will be the roughest hit with the leveling. They may slip into a slight recession, because of overproduction of goods. The U.S. will continue to struggle because of the lopsided capitalist system it has, but all in all the playing field, worldwide, will continue to level.

  • I'm from the future

    Things have gotten worse. Things are getting worse. Things will keep getting worse. Obama will run this country into the ground. Obamacare is killing jobs and scaring doctors away. No jobs, all debt. It's over.

    The USA is officially Canada's Mexico. Good luck staying here suckers. I'm going to Canada.

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