• Hopefully In Time

    The world needs more traditionalists. If that is done, yes the world will be better, much better. Think about the U.S. In the 1950s. The economy was booming and people were civil. Now, with homosexuals and abortion, drug use and liberals, the U.S. Is not heading anywhere. But, I hope that one day, the world will be better. It's possible. Whether it's likely or not is a different story.

  • I need life to become a better place before I have kids i need life life is outstanding sometimes then its bad

    I am ten now and when i grow up i want my kids to have a better life then me and my brothers.I want them to have great lives stick together forever and love each other and all the things I did not do like stick together i was separated from my brothers i want to live for my kids and let them live their dream and always say nothing is impossible because the word itself says i am possible everyone live a great life and love yourself

  • Things can only get better

    It's ben predicted. In American Indian lore, and Aboriginal stories; all around the world they said a great cataclysm will come (the kind we see today). After that event happens, things will change, hopefully for the better, but who's to say? I don't know; we keep ruining this planet. It can't get any worse, I hope.

  • If we all come together and stop fighting we can get better together.

    All though some may say it is just a horrible world that we live in it really is not. 30 years ago America was a great place all it is, is techonogly that is doing this too us and like most things it is a phase. So I'm sure that all the horrible things going on in the world and all the stupidy will come to an end sooner or later.

  • World will be a better place to live by 2020

    As after 2020 we can get many new technologies gadgets and devices that helps us to do work easily and such gadgets can do all our work if we get robots with A I . We all can get busy in our jobs as all our work will be done...

  • Love is catching on

    I believe the world is becoming a better place. God's love and grace is being taught to people throughout the world. As countries receive God's love and grace they in turn can manifest God's love to others. I personally believe it is spreading throughout the world at a staggering rate. People are far more appalled at injustices in the world like poverty, racism, hate-speech, sexism, terrorism, and so on.

  • It will, but it ain't gonna be easy.

    I think that the rise of atheism and better education will allow future generations to make better political decisions, and be more liberal and tolerant in their views. Better medicine will cure deceases better and boost the world economy. I believe the world will get better but not without a struggle and not without a price. And maybe future generations will be corrupted by their wealth and prosperity, but still i think we have reasons to be hopeful. We as the human race must change, and change for the better.

  • Yes, but it depends upon what the definition is.

    The world is already a better place in many ways. It is more open minded and more global than ever before and there are many good ways to communicate that were never available before. However, better does not mean easy, and this world was probably never easy and never will be.

  • Everything will grow for good.

    Growing is important. Flowers grow beautiful everyday, so do relationships and animals. Our technology is growing in developments. We, as part of the human race, are becoming more civilized and understanding. Yes, we may screw up with a few human beings one in a while but that does not define the human race. Never let the bad things in life ruin the good. We have many books, movies, songs and quotes to inspire us to do good. Humanity will continue to grow more powerful and civilized as time grows. Pollution will soon be a problem we will not have to worry about and, maybe one day, murder charges will continue to deduce, which therefore means that humanity will continue to grow happy and carefree. Our biggest problems will be what to wear to a fancy dinner; an evening gown or a party dress? Our minds will grow smarter and we may even have robots taking care of us.

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what Doctor Who taught me.

  • Of course it will

    Anyone who says otherwise has lost hope and is shrouded in their "reality" created by their experience and knowledge which is ambiguous and hence they are living in their assumptions (which happen to be negative).

    The world WILL become a better place. There WILL come a time when everyone understands each other.

    If you people aren't going to help then get out of the way. I have a resolve to help the world and if you don't then all you are doing is getting in the way. Luckily there are 40% of people who also have a similar idea to me so that means we can work together.

    As long as we continue to chase the true meaning of freedom then no one can stop the dream of a better world.

  • Human nature is evil.

    Needless to say human nature is well evil. This can be viewed in a evolutionary point of view. We all know that evolution has passed down several features that we utilize to ensure our survival. The neo cortex in mammals for example that has specialized to a high degree in humans. Among all of the positive adaptations that evolution has granted us, we also require reminiscent adaptations that are no use to us anymore. These are called vestigial organs. The appendix is one for example. It has no functionality its just left over from our pre-evolved ancestors. This is what I believe is the cause of our evil nature as humans. Humans use to be predators, we kind of still are since we still eat meat. Like a bear is an omnivore (like us) but nevertheless still a predator. In order to be a predator you need to have a set of instincts that enables you to kill. Because if you dont kill you dont survive. This is a blood thirsty instinct that does not account for empathy of other living creature. If a predetor was empathetic of its prey, it would die of starvation. I hypothesize that these instinct is still intrinsically intact in all human beings. This is why we destroy the environment and love war. This passed down instinct is the cause of our greed and incandescence towards each other. Thus we are instinctively evil and anti-empathetic to each other and all life. The world will not get better, because human nature will not get better.

    Posted by: MLK2
  • We are too far in the hole to get out

    With all these laws that are useless (not saying that some aren't necessary), and all the prissy moms that complain because their kid cant take a hit from a dodge ball, the wars that will come one after another, the people that try to take my rights away just because they don't care about theirs, and the fact that every time an assault weapon is used to cause harm it s televised, but every time someone is stabbed it barely makes a small towns newsletter. The last point is that 100 years ago you were encouraged to do what god intended fore you were 18, but now it is a crime to be traditional and religious.

  • There are more mean people than kind, and mean people raise mean children.

    If you ever thought about it, the world is usually not a safe place. There are people that will attack you if you don’t appeal to them. Yes, there’s still generous and pure people, but there are less. One day there will be more human population, raised by our aggressive generation.

  • At the current trend, no.

    Although there are boundless leaps in technology and medicine being made all the time, they are only toys of the rich and affluent. Majority of humans unlucky enough to be born in a trailer park or a ghetto will never have access to the things that make life worth living. Just used as pawns in a rich man's world as poverty stricken working class slaves. Shuffled through a woefully underfunded and violence and crime ridden public education they will just die knowing misery and woe having lived as nothing more than a battery for the well off to leech from with nothing being given in return as the class gap widens, racial tensions worsen to a point not seen since the '90s, religious wars moving closer and closer to our so called "civilized west", and public mistrust high enough to think we were in a cold war with ourselves. False news; money worship; click bait; fame and infamy. There's even brewing hatred between the genders, with blatant sexism on both sides turning nastier and nastier. People are drawing lines. Innocent lives have been lost and ruined permanently. At the current growing trend, getting better for anyone but the absurdly rich is an impossibility.

  • Very much unlikely

    People not even aware of the decline in the "humanity" factor.
    There are a lots of ways to "measure" the welfare of the world: life expectancy, economy, technology etc, but those mean nothing.
    The human qualities are the main factors.
    And in fact people become more superficial, self absorbed, materialistic, insensitive, and as a result more and more suffer mental "illnesses" depression, loneliness, lose of purpose, those are red signs that no one reads.
    Being aware of the problems are the first steps towards healing...

  • Because of humans, no.

    Because of human nature, we have a tendency to destroy everything we come into contact with and remake in our image. The world will not become a better place as long as humans are on this world, even if most of us are wiped off the face of the Earth, the world will not become a better place because we will end up becoming what we are now all over again.

  • How can we reduce the overbreeding of humans and the mass extinction of wildlife on Earth?

    We need humans to quit having children and move to other moon/planets immediately in order to save this planets ecosystem and all wildlife. However, we can't even build anything for outer space because we are to busy killing each other with constant warfare. Even annihilating ourselves to knock out a large percentage of our population is only a temporary solution, because humans keep breeding worse than rabbits.

  • It certainly will not.

    People simply don't have the work ethic or honor that they once had. Optimistic and Pessimistic are useless words. There are only two types of people in the world: Realists and Idiots. I am a realist and I can see that things are only getting worse. America cannot dig it's way out of the economic crisis it is in. Africa's civil wars and hunger will only worsen. Terrorism will spread for the middle east to all around the world. Nuclear weapons will only become more deadly. Politicians will only become more greedy and corrupt. America and the rest of the first world countries will become more fat and lazy. Communist governments will only become more hostile towards democracy. There are simply too many people. The world's resources will be depleted, and people will revolt. There will be billions of deaths and we will be back at square one. However, our world will be depleted of natural resources and the human race will end. The world will only become worse.

  • Is 30 billion people better than 1 billion?

    People say they want to "save all the children of the world," they want to "feed all the children of the world", they want to celebrate because we are all "one human race" (which we are not). Isn't it evident that biological economics, which are fundamental, will always push the population to the maximum allowed, which is always the threshold of survival? For people of European ancestry, the best 500 years are behind us. The white race and European civilization will be rapidly wiped out over the next 200-300 years. It is too late to change that eventuality now. What remains? An ever increasingly dense world of tens or even hundreds of billions of some combination of Africans and Asians. Not for me. Our time is over. Are they going to enjoy it? I think they will evolve to become ever better reproducers in whatever environment that is. I wish them good luck.

  • The world can never become a "better" place.

    First of all, I say no because the definiton of "better" is unclear. If something is unclear, it can never be a "yes." Second, it is human nature to act/ feel/ do something violent. If people were nice/ kind/ non-violent/ perfect the whole time, the world would become an utopian society and that is no good. So depending on the definition of the word better, it would be yes or no.

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