• Hopefully, in time

    I am an optimist at best and I am a futurist as well. I think, maybe, in time; the human race will stop being so immature and realize how important it is to rely on one another and trust one another so that we, as a collective, may prosper and do wonders for our race.

  • When worse comes to worst, only getting better is an option.

    In these times of peril, the way that we have is to go ahead, no way back. The technology is faster than ever, the human minds are sharper than ever, the cultural diversities are blooming and thus World has no option or choice but to go ahead in a better direction.

  • There is no such thing as 'better' in any meaningful sense

    If by 'better' you mean more people will be able to eat chocolate chip cookies or have more computers or any number of things, then yes, the world will become 'better.' Apart from that, there is no real meaning to anything we do or to our lives, and there is no such thing as 'right' or 'wrong,' as these are merely cultural constructs that piggyback on other random emotions that we have acquired through evolution and natural selection. Thus, the world will not become 'better' because there is no such thing.

  • Some people will never care.

    Many people don't care, or at least act like the do, about how the world is developing. A lot of the time, money is the only thing on the mind. I'd like to believe that is everybody gave a little more than they took, maybe we could all have something. We only think about ourselves and not enough about the people who have nothing. People are not going to change for someone else's benefit. Maybe some, but not enough.

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