Will the world miss Suzanne Crough, the youngest member of the Partridge family?

  • A childhood star is always missed.

    This shocking death gives us all a sense of mortality. Although out of the spotlight for many years, it is a hard pill to swallow knowing Tracy is dead. To some of us, she'll always be the little girl with the tambourine pretending to sing. Very sad news and proves how time marches on and untimely deaths are tragic, especially since she is usually envisioned as a child.

  • who is that

    I am well aware of what the Partridge Family was but I am a little to young to know any of the characters so I have never even heard of this woman. Because of this I am guessing that the world will not miss her. Maybe some die hard fans will be upset though.

  • No, many people don't remember Suzanne Crough or who she is or was.

    Unfortunately, Suzanne Crough did not have a very prominent role on the partridge family. She also didn't have a prominent film career in the present time. With that said, she won't be missed by her death. Had she been more popular both then and/or now, we certainly will miss her much more.

  • No, the world will not miss Suzanne Crough, the youngest member of the Partridge family.

    That sounds bad. I'm sure her family loves her very much and will miss her, but honestly, the world doesn't remember the youngest member of the Partridge family. She wasn't even popular back when she was ON the show and she didn't stay in show business after the show like some of her coworkers in the Partridge family.

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