• I believe one Derek Jeter reties the Yankees will need to rebuild and will not be playing well for a couple years.

    The Yankees need to start now to try and prepare for Jeter's retirement. I know he did not play much last year, but the fact he was just there was a mental boost. He has been such a key player for so many years it will be hard to find someone like him, if not impossible. The Yankees will have some growing pains in the next few years trying to get a cohesive team together. Also, the distraction of Alex Rodriguez does not help either.

  • End of an era

    Jeter is a baseball hero that I've been watching since I was a kid - but I'm definitely not a kid anymore. Jeter had a long, incredible career and was a testament to the organization, but his time has come, and he should bow out in order to give the young leadership a chance.

  • He was a strong player.

    The Yankees will play worse without Derek Jeter, because he was a talented player. Jeter has a large fan base, and team mates really look up to him. He made a large contribution to the Yankees and his absence will leave a hole. He was skilled and talented and will be missed.

  • Yankees without Derek Jeter?

    I personally think that the Yankees without Derek Jeter is a big mistake due to him playing great for the Yankees and especially him playing for many years has made his name big in baseball. Derek Jeter is known for being one of the best known baseball players on the Yankees.

  • Derek Jeter is Too Old

    The New York Yankees will play better without Derek Jeter since he's too old and should have retired after last year. The highest-paid team in Major League Baseball still won't amount to anything in 2014 if last season was any indication. The team full of inflated egos will have too much clubhouse bickering and will make headlines for all the wrong reasons (see: Alex Rodriguez) again this year. The Yankees didn't make the playoffs in 2013 and those problems won't go away after just one offseason full of winter meetings. The Yankees will play better without Jeter, they just won't play well enough to make the postseason for the second year in a row.

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Ragnar says2014-02-14T09:39:57.597
Wrong section. This is a two question poll (really should be more than two), not a yes or no question.

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