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  • The Youth movement in Egypt will not be pushed aside

    It is my opinion that the youth movement in Egypt will not be pushed aside. The growing number of youth in the country that are tech savvy is creating a new wave of nationalists in Egypt that want the same rights that other democratic countries have. This movement will not die down anytime soon.

  • No it will not

    It is hard to believe that this youthful activist group, most of whom have not been affiliated with any other prior groups, will simply be pushed aside. They have already made quite a spectacle of their heated debates and are drawing rapid attention worldwide by using social media and other non violent tactics.

  • The Youth Movement will continue to push on

    I really believe that the youth movement in Egypt is going to continue to push on. I think that the youth wants changes and although it might take some time will eventually make a difference. I think more and more young people will ban together to try to make a change and that it will continue to grow in size.

  • I Doubt It

    I do not believe the youth movement in Egypt will be pushed aside. I believe it is more likely to fain momentum in the future. Egypt has a strong, young population that is going to push for their rights and I have my doubts they will lose power during this time of change.

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