• The Arabs would die for freedom

    Muslims, actually mankind have no other choice, we can not keep 1.2 billion Muslims marginalized from the world. The only way to stop the destructive clash of civilization is to unite the world around the core human values which is missing in this part of the world due to centuries long dictatorships. Freedom for ALL is the only way to align the Muslim world with the West. Ben Laden and Al Qaeda are the make of brutal Arab dectatorship.

  • Secularism vs. Islamism

    The fact that President Muhammad Morsi was thrown out of power, despite him being the legitimate leader of the country. This was an act of war itself, now it's up to see if the Muslim Brotherhood together with other Takfiri/Islamists/Salafi's to take up arms to battle it out with the Egyptian Military who was behind the "Military coup" that ousted President Muhammad Morsi out of power. Civil war is more or less inevitable, as the military it self declared a state of war with these action as they did.

  • Disrespected people in Egypt

    Look at history in the Middle East. When was the last time you saw a country in the Middle East have problems where it did not lead to war? The entire Middle East sits on a powder keg. Look at Syria, now Egypt. You have hundreds of thousands of refugees, an unresolved nuke issue between Iran and Israel, and you have countries taking sides of each faction. There are issues of natural resources that will become more in demand.

  • Regrettably Egypt will descend into chaos

    The Muslim Brotherhood will not give up too easily and simply go away. The army is now sandwiched in the middle of two polarised groups. The economy is crumbling with food and energy shortages. Now there will be a political vacuum which always results in violence.
    Read Isaiah 19 for a prophecy on Egypt's future.

  • Yes, it looks like it will happen.

    What has unfolded recently is not what the majority of the Egyptian people expected when they undertook the uprising in the first place. Because the democracy there, to the extent that it exists, is new and on shaky ground, there is definitely a danger of sliding in to full blown civil war, though hopefully the sides can be brought together for stability.

  • Yes

    Yes I think a civil war in Egypt is on the horizon. The people there feel they are treated unfairly and are starting to act out against this. Evidence of this was shown during the "Arab Spring" when Egyptians and a couple other countries protested against their countries policies. I do worry if this will affect the US, meaning I wonder if we will go to war to help one side or another.

  • War.

    Yes, there will be a civil war in Egypt. The citizens of that nation are being treated very unfairly and are bound to rebel. People need to stand up for themselves, their rights and what they believe in and sooner or later I believe that's what the people of Egypt will do.

  • Military and Police plus anti Muslim Brotherhood sentiment too strong

    Although it is likely that some elements of the political islamist movement will react with violence, and there will probably be extremists that promote suicide bombings and organised attacks, I think they are vastly outnumbered and face a very well equipped and organised police and military. Also, they are much less likely to get the kind of massive outside support that they have gotten elsewhere in the middle east.

  • I doubt it

    The Egyptian people in recent days have for very understandable reasons felt they've been given a raw deal, they didn't vote for a president to make such major power grabs and put them in a similar position to where they were before they fought for an election. That said, that experience should have taught us something. There are and will be protests, there is and will be violence, but the Egyptian people have been able to reel themselves in before reaching the point of outright civil war. I expect and hope that trend continues.

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