Will there be a 'mass exodus' if the Boy Scouts accept gays?

  • Yes, same as in Canada

    I can attest that when the same situation happened in Canada in 2003, it was devastating to the Scouting movement. I was one of the parents who refused to have my son continue in such a program that promoted values contrary to the original moral values of the movement and which removed the whole notion of the importance of gender differences. The Boy Scouts are for boys (biological) who are being raised as morally straight (heterosexual) young men. Where can you find this promoted anymore? No where. Complete contamination of this entire age-old philosophy. Sickening.

  • I am so disappointed in the Boy Scouts decision. So many Boys have worked hard to be an Eagle Scout and stand apart.

    I was proud to be a scout when I was a boy. We were taught Christian values and were supported by churches. If this were a Muslim organization the Liberals would not try to change it's doctrine or views, but it's ok to attack Christians in America. Christians are called to stand apart from sin. For this reason I am ending all support to the Boy Scouts of America.

  • Sexual orientation should not be a topic of bsa

    People are entitled to have their own ideals about raising their children, you wouldn't let your 13 year old boy share a tent on an overnight camping trip with a 13 year old girl would you?
    I am not a homophobe but I will not be placing my son in a compromising situation, or a situation that makes him uncomfortable.

  • Not so extreme

    I wouldn't say mass exodus but there will be much controversy on the subject i for one will no longer donate to BSA or put my future children through the program because it violates the very core of BSA. I know many others who are even pulling there kids from troops that have gays or because they teach the children that its okay to be gay and reverent and do you duty to God, and that is wrong.

  • Possibly

    There may very well end up being a mass exodus. The people in these organizations that hate gay people are typically so filled with hate that they will refuse to even be in the same room as a homosexual. They may take their children out of the scouts or try to set up a Boy Scout troop of their own that excludes gay people.

  • What father doesn't want a sexual deviant held up as a role model?

    Boy scouts is for the factory default setting of male human offspring: attracted to females. It is wildly counterproductive to offer a self destructive ideal as equally valid. Teenage boys strongly reject queer propagandizing: this is an evolutionary advantage. Failure self selects out of gene pool.

    Leaders should not have sexual attraction to scouts. This is a possibility with homosexuality.

    Homosexuality is an evolutionary dead end.

  • Over a period of a few years

    I'm pulling my oldest son from BSA and my youngest son will not start. We will seek other, Christ-focused, edifying activities for them. I expect those who are far along in the program will remain, but I expect new memberships to drop significantly as alternatives become better established and known and a lot of newer scouts who are just getting to started to also drop. In five years, membership will be at least half of what it now is. Membership is already half of what it was 40 years ago. In ten years, it will be little more than a shell.

  • No and it shouldn't be a big deal

    I guarantee that no child in the boy scouts will care. The only problem is going to be with with parents and having them accept the idea that homosexuals should be included in a group that is known as a pretty conservative group. They should really get off their high horses and just realize that people are people and shouldn't be excluded on their sexual preferences.

  • If there is a mass exodus it would be for the best

    If it does cause a mass exodus then you have to consider how worthwhile the organization is to start with. For those unfamiliar with the Boy Scout Law I have included them. These are the things that are set forth as the examples to be followed:
    TRUSTWORTHY. A Scout tells the truth. He keeps his promises. Honesty is part of his code of conduct. People can depend on him.
    LOYAL. A Scout is true to his family, Scout leaders, friends, school, and nation.
    HELPFUL. A Scout is concerned about other people. He does things willingly for others without pay or reward.
    FRIENDLY. A Scout is a friend to all. He is a brother to other Scouts. He seeks to understand others. He respects those with ideas and customs other than his own.
    COURTEOUS. A Scout is polite to everyone regardless of age or position. He knows good manners make it easier for people to get along together.
    KIND. A Scout understands there is strength in being gentle. He treats others as he wants to be treated. He does not hurt or kill harmless things without reason.
    OBEDIENT. A Scout follows the rules of his family, school, and troop. He obeys the laws of his community and country. If he thinks these rules and laws are unfair, he tries to have them changed in an orderly manner rather than disobey them.
    CHEERFUL. A Scout looks for the bright side of things. He cheerfully does tasks that come his way. He tries to make others happy.
    THRIFTY. A Scout works to pay his way and to help others. He saves for unforeseen needs. He protects and conserves natural resources. He carefully uses time and property.
    BRAVE. A Scout can face danger even if he is afraid. He has the courage to stand for what he thinks is right even if others laugh at or threaten him.
    CLEAN. A Scout keeps his body and mind fit and clean. He goes around with those who believe in living by these same ideals. He helps keep his home and community clean.
    REVERENT. A Scout is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties. He respects the beliefs of others.
    Either they believe the things they are teaching or they don’t. If they don’t believe them then it is probably best that they get out of the organization before they taint it beyond recognition.

  • No

    I doubt there will be a mass exodus if the Boy Scouts start accepting gay leaders and gay members. However I do think there will be some chapters and communities that will resist the acceptance. New groups may form that are un-officially not open to gay leaders to protest the new rules.

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