Will there be a new wave of terrorism if American strikes Syria?

  • I am anti bashar and anti regime

    But yes, it will create more terror from the hezbollah shiaa and also the US is widely known for killing randomly most of the time, so also they would make enemies from the FSA, alnusra, and any other force on the ground.

    Not to mention that it would turn many civilians into potential terrorists, those drone strikes leave many innocent casualties.

    You want a real solution, we have a saying here in the arab world, either you help for the love of GOD (give free weapons to help and bud out) , or you dont help but keep out of it.

    Both very viable solutions of USA, it is supposed to be the duty of all us arabs to help, not USA, but arabs unfortunately divided into two types, the very rich but wont help type, or the very poor and cant help type

  • Violence invites more violence

    No one can say for sure what will actually happen, but there would most likely be some sort of retaliation. Remember, terrorism does not necessarily mean killing and carnage. The main purpose of terrorism is to terrify and create fear. An attack on Syria might also incite other, sympathetic countries to terrorize America as well. War will only bring more war.

  • There will not be a new wave of terrorism.

    Terrorism is omnipresent. Within every society, there lies groups of individuals who do not agree with the governing body, and they WILL utilize radical actions to make their mission known. If America strikes Syria, this will not introduce a new wave of terrorism, but instead bring the already present terror cells into the limelight.

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