• Money and Resources

    It is highly likely that the next global conflict will be over resources, you only need to look at events in the last 50 years to see how oil has (directly or indirectly) sparked conflicts. In fact one of the most urgent issues is actually fresh water - the first 'water war' was actually fought only a decade or so ago...

  • Yes, there will be a third world war.

    It seems we didn't learn a lesson from the first or second one. Everyone is in a war for power. I have no idea why we can't be satisfied with what we have, and why we can't just get along. But there is an incredible power struggle between the countries, and that can only lead to war.

  • Yes, there will be.

    There will most likely be a Third World War, just probably not anytime soon, or right around the corner. I think it is safe to say that there will always be wars, and conflicts, because it is just human nature and a part of life. Not everyone is good, not everyone is bad.

  • Yes, most likely.

    A third World War is just a matter of time. It could happens a few years from now, or it can happen hundred of years from now, but at some point history will turn around and repeat itself like it always does. Only time will tell us at what point this will happen.

  • Yes, there will be.

    In my opinion there will be a third World War. That does not mean it will happen anytime soon though. The third World War could happen years beyond this point in time, even decades, but eventually history repeats itself and the earth will go through a third World War. Hopefully not any time soon though.

  • History repeats itself

    In my opinion it is totally true as now the wars for power are increased. The president of America is after Pakistan while being in conflict with parts of Korea. Even the South Korea and the North Korea are in conflict as well as other smaller countries also needs power so they are also fighting for there own need. Now my conclusion is that the World War III is going to happen soon

  • Not so soon

    In my opinion i want to say that yes history repeats itself but it do not repeats itself so soon as the conflicts also takes time for starting and evolving into bigger ones. The World War 1 took 4 years and World War 2 took 6 years than it might take 8 years but every larger War takes larger time to breakout and after all it is estimated to be the largest war ever in the history of the entire world

  • Not in the near future

    If we're talking about North Korea, then no. North Korea have tried to pull crazy stuff because South Korea have had a new president before. And they're not stupid, they no that if they do any sort of attack on America, they will most likely be wiped off the map because you don't go messing with economic giants.

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