• Obviously God exists

    There has been more than several occasions where it proves God is real and to question that it's a bad like how Jesus walked the earth 2,000 years ago is proof it's been written down passed on for generations and the source of all religions even with different names of God like Allah for Muslims since Jews and Christian have the same name for him have been passed down for centuries and its proof

  • Unfortunately, I think so..

    Wars have been around almost as long as the concept of countries and nations have. There is too much greed and want for power. I suspect that the United States will be the main cause.. There doesn't seem to be any politicians nowadays that are focused on improving the world and even their own nation. All they want is money.

  • Unfortunately there will be

    It is a sad state of affairs today. The US, China and Russia, three countries with very powerful military's and one with an unstable arrogant leader are not seeing eye to eye. The US is desperately trying to maintain it's global dominance despite its seeming decline and the rise of other nations. Middle East in complete turmoil and Israel will defend itself vigorously if needs be. The world revolves around money and greed and you ave the increasing damage caused by climate change and the problems this will create. A global conflict is inevitable.

  • Yes...Freaking...YES!!!!!!!! YES! YES!

    The world is closer to a World War today than it was at the end of the Cold War. Russia and China on one side vs. The US and NATO on the other will be the format of this conflict. There's a fairly high chance that it will begin within 5 years.
    First, Russia is more likely to start a war today than it was during the Cold War. After all, during the Cold War the Soviet Union had a nice large buffer of satellite states and territories such as the Kazakhstan S.S.R., the Belarusian S.S.R, the Ukrainian S.S.R, and so on. Today Russia has no buffers and it's becoming increasingly "encircled" by its former allies increasingly exiting the Russian Sphere of influence and joining the US's sphere of influence. Russians today feel MUCH more desperate today than they did during the Cold War. A more desperate nation is more willing to fight, especially if the nation in question is Russia. China has emerged as the second (arguably the first) largest economy in the world; it's clamoring increasingly to build its sphere of influence in East Asia and kick the US out of the region. These two nations are more likely to start a conflict now than they were during the Cold War; that the masses don't realize the precariousness of our present situation is irritating.

  • Just a matter of time.

    Just as with past world wars, nations continue to grow their alliances. With the number of worlds nations on edge, it is just a matter of time before some leader with allies goes against another with allies. With the advancements in weaponry, there is no doubt that other nations will get involved. Depending on the weapons used, it may likely be the real war to end all wars. Not because of it's emotional impact on the nations but because it may cause an extinction level event. With mankind if not all life on earth destroyed, there would be no more wars to follow.

  • Ok then we are all in peace

    Ok then... We are all in peace together.Jk. We still have people in other beliefs then us so we will have to fight against them. But as long as America stays safe and out of anybody elses war or arguments we should be good to stay out of a civil war XD

  • It doesn't make since

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  • Are you stupid Donald Trumps walls will keep us secure

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