• USA need war to destroy occident and reconstruct it for their domination

    Like on WWII. Usa are on depression time during 10 years.
    To create destruction, they need to create chaos, financial chaos far away, on european country.
    FED has helped all european bank with dollar.
    In return and in time, USA, by the FED will ask gold in exchange of their help.
    The bank will be ruined in 1 hour. Same effect before WWII with hyperinflation in europe (Weinmar)-> populism -> extremism-> civil war while several years.
    USA will have some problem too, with civil war.
    They will decide to stop dollar and all money. All debs will be destroy. 26000 billions will desappear as magic. They will reconstruct european country with all US Compagny.
    EUROPE + USA will become N.U.S. (New United Sate)
    In Europe People don't want to be USA slave.

    White paper explains 21th century will be an new century of USA domination.

    Goldman sachs is the world boss. WWII is their creation. WWIII will be too.

    We must kill them before they kill us.

    WWIII is ON. No pity for USA.

    From FRANCE

  • The Threat of World War Three is a real and ever existing chance.

    I think that the recent threats from North Korea are very troubling and that the United States are not taking this too seriously. Prof in the new movie "Olympus has Fallen". Think of the neighboring countries! I live in Canada and I don't want to be nuked sometime by the North Koreans. But if the United States don't take action soon enough, the world will be at war for the third freakin' time.

  • North Korea and America will spark the next World War.

    North Korea is dominated harshly by a tyrant who wishes for nothing more than power. It is obvious from the missiles and nuclear weapons they have been testing that they will strike South Korea very soon. The US's military are already in South Korea. Once the US protect South Korea - North Korea's enemies - then North Korea will also see America as an enemy thus sparking a Nuclear World War 3. Don't forget that China is friends with North Korea. Even if the US start to defeat North Korea, North Korea will just ask their fellow neighbor China for help. The US doesn't stand a chance against China with how many nuclear weapons they have. World War Three has already been written in the book of fate.

  • It has already started

    Syria is a regional war against Iran, conducted by Israel using false flag terrorists hired by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, there is a huge oil partnership between those. (USA, Saudi, Qatar etc) The goal is a greater Israel and your whole american governement is infiltrated by jews, so Israel controls your army.
    On one side there is Russia, China, India, Iran, Syria and on the other there is USA, Israel, NATO
    War in the middle east had two purposes, oil and chaos before this huge war starts in the middle east. An engineered civil war destroying the country before they go in is easier.
    Then you have Africa collapsing into civil wars everywhere, America is collapsing due to various factors, I believe we will loose it, our enemies are alot better, this war might take 20 years to end, it will be a long one, and ugly. With atomic bombs, missiles, environmental disasters, deflation, end of growth etc. This is going to be ugly.

  • One Word: North Korea.

    New young leader wants to prove himself and show his power. He will use the nuclear weapons that North Korea has made so clear that they have, and will lead to the USA stepping in and putting this little boy back in his place. If he does anything stupid to the USA, it will be the end of North Korea. I just hope for the worlds sake that he doesn't do something stupid because it may lead to China helping North Korea and Countries such as Australia, Canada and Israel helping USA. Nothing good can come from North Korea having nuclear power.

  • North Korea And Iran

    North Korea is going to do something very stupid and make America very angry and then the Korean war will happen. China would jump in since they are North Korea's Allie then Iran seeing this as the perfect time is going to attack Israel and then we just have a big mess and ww3

  • No Military can stand up to the US and all of its Allies

    Eventually a country will attack the US. Pretty soon after they attack us we will proceed to launch a series of missiles at them. Then call France, Britain, Japan, and the rest of our allies. After that China, Russia, or North Korea will be destroyed. It won't be entirely that simple, but that's basically what will happen. Eventually some country will be stupid enough to attack the US or our allies.

  • It be nice.

    One of the biggest way for a country to prosper is in a big war. In a war, countries will be able to sell their supplies. War is never good, but it would really help economic wise. America would be force to make more factories to make stuff like steel, food, etc. It's why there was an economic boom in America during WW2.

  • It will happen for a 75% of chance.

    Tension is increasing between USA and Russia. USA Congress agreed to take action on Syria and waiting for more countries to support their backs.

    So Far, USA allies are:

    Sweden (I believe)
    Saudi Arabia

    Syria's Allies are:

    Russia (50% - 50% because unless we show Russia that chemicals have been used)
    China (unsure)

    UK, Canada, and other G20 countries are so far neutral. UK, China and Japan have reasons to be neutral and the reasons are fair. This can raise oil price and if USA has made a line, why should they cross it.

    LIfe was good till the Arab Spring. Thought it will be over when Egypt and Libya went back to a neutral zone....

    Now this...

    Good news with the war outbreak will be that economics will raise since more jobs etc., and justice for the innocents attacked by the chemicals.

    Bad News would be that nuclear weapons will certainly used, many deaths, the war can lead in another Great Depression and much much more.

    I say it would be good to have a war (oh what am I saying!!!!) but first we must have Russia and China convinced of chemicals being used to attack Syrian rebels and innocents. Doesn't matter if Iran is on the other side.

    We must take Iran out immediately because the have nuclear weapons developed....

    I'll love to hear comments back to what I have stated. Thanks

  • America is in need for Money hunger...

    We are in a very tense situation right now. It is so tense that Syrian civilians are moving out of the country because they know what is coming. WE all know there will be a world war III.


    CAN YOU AFFORD TO MOVE OUT OF THE COUNTRY? Scary times we are living in

  • It cant happen.

    Russia and USA have came to the agreement in the UN that they will work together to prevent another world war. China has also been in the issue and has told North Korea to calm down in their claims. If Russia hold up its policy then it cant happen soon.

  • No. No one could get benefits from a world war.

    There is no war going on, or will not be, recently, as no one could get benefits more than the price it might take.
    Mr. President cannot afford a war. We have to admit that the war starts or not depend on the attitude of U.S., and Mr. President is a big part of the decision. What attacking another country costs is the support from the public. As went through war of Iraq and Afghanistan, the loss of their dear friends and relatives, they absolutely will turn their back on war, any avoidable war. Any reasonable person won't start it, because you're going look bad whenever you're against the public especially when they are right.
    If Mr. President insists a war, the only thing we wonder is what he might get from this. What would the arms dealers offer? Arms dealers seem like the only one who can get benefit.
    We need info of truth, of fact itself, to make our own decisions, take a side.
    One thing I'm sure is Mr.President looks bad about this Syria topic and it will get worse if he says or does more. Is he insane to get his situation worse? No, I don't think so.

    Posted by: Rio
  • Syria Will Not Cause World War

    Although this side has not been very well argued, the other side was not either! The world is not going to allow itself to bring about its own demise over a small Middle Eastern country. I am not necessarily saying that there will be world war three, I simply think that the con side was argued much better. I also do not think that Syria will be the cause of world war.

  • No way man

    Russia and china have to much to loose from a majiour war. Russia will appear to support Syria to improve trade with the country but if it comes to the crunch Russia will not declare war with the west. Russia and china never agree with anything the west propose in the Middle East and they just like to be involved to show there importance in the world. Everyone knows that no country will gain from a world war so it would be stupid to start one. Russia and china has only recently developed as modern country's and they like it so a war would un do all the progress.

  • We Might As Well Kiss Each Other Goodbye

    I only picked this side of the debate because I really hope it doesn't happen. I'm just not sure if it will. What I'm sure of though, is that the Earth won't be able to buffer the environmental effects of a third world war. We are already surpassing its resilience capacity as it is, nuclear warfare won't make it better. If WWIII happens, everything we know will change and we might not even be able to recover from it. So no, I hope world leaders aren't stupid enough to throw everything down the board. If they do, then this might be the end of globalized civilization. It sounds fatalistic, but I'm afraid the Earth won't be able to take its rebirth after a world war.

  • Battles, yes. War, no.

    There will be skirmishes - genocides in African countries, honor killings in Islamic countries, the US butting its nose into the middle East, civil wars within countries, etc. But there will not be a WWIII. Countries are too interconnected because of imports/exports, trade, and most importantly - multinational corporations. Most larger countries are aware of the effects of nuclear warfare and will refrain from mutual destruction. The smaller countries that don't seem to have that awareness (North Korea, Iran) will continue posturing but will not be allowed to mobilize by the global community.

  • There is no reason to

    By the time anyone actually decides to fire a nuke (if they do at all) most rich countries will have enough missile shields to stop anything so there would be no point in firing nuclear weapons. Also look how long there was between ww2 and now, the world has settled down. Countries major concerns are the next source of energy for the future not destroying each other.

  • The World Remembers WW2, BUT....

    Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Afghan, Libya, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt are all simmering no more than Syria!
    India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Burma, Japan, China, Philippines, East, Vietnam, Koreas... are also on the boil!
    The Central Americas, South Americas, Cuban, Venezuelan, are all simmering too!
    The Russians, Americans and Chinese are at war within their own borders AND with each other!
    Then... What remains to start WW3?
    Only a "name change!"
    WW2 never stopped.
    We need to STOP the war first, to start another!
    We moved from HOT to COLD to BOTH HOT AND COLD wars.
    BUT... ... Have we EVER had PEACE?

  • We have evolved as human beings

    I agree that there is a lot of bad stuff going in today's world right now but I don't believe that this world is THAT stupid enough to start yet another World War. Besides we've already had 2 World Wars. Us as human beings have obviously learned something from World War 2 and if we didn't, we wouldn't have evolved at all as a species.

  • No major power would support a world war.

    None of the world's major powers (USA, China, Russia) has anything to gain from going to war with any of the others. China would not support North Korea's starting a second Korean war; and without Chinese backing, North Korea has no chance whatsoever. The major powers might disagree over how to handle Iran and its potential nuclear arsenal, but they are not going to fight each other over it.

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Anonymous says2013-07-02T17:05:32.257
WW3 can't because ti do it would mean the end of humanity because we are very advanced in warfare. It is also to expensive to start a war and war takes up resources and manpower. The un and nato and various peace organisations have been set up to stop war.