• Human nature for the strange erg to fight.

    To be honest there will always be a war. Rather it be a civil war in a country or a world war there is always a war being fought somewhere. Will the current events going on at the moment there are two roads we can take. One we could neutralize the treats before they get out of hand or two we could sit by and wait for those certain nations to get to much power that they can't handle. In my opinion at the rate we are going if nothing is done there will be a WW3 and it will not be a good out come. I just hope that there is a way that people could just find a common goal to fight together instead of kill each other

  • What will it be like?

    It will probably be catastrophic in nature. It may well appear, sooner than you might imagine. I have rarely been aware of this planet being in more turmoil than it is now.

    I asked a wise man a question.

    'What will World War III be like?'
    He replied, ' I do not know, but World War IV will be fought using sticks and stones'

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billythereaper says2015-10-13T03:03:24.217
I can't say yes or no because i can't say with certainty. One of the main factors to bring 223 about will be ISIS and whether we let them live or die. Those guys are Islam Nazis and will stop at nothing to bring the world to their knees. The only reason they're still around is because the military's hands have been tied.